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Yesovens is a company manufacturing professional ovens of the highest quality.

Great professionalism and experience, innovative design, extraordinary performance, attention and care to the smallest details and the finest materials: it is thanks to the art of knowing do well the things that we create, design and finally we produce the ovens to suit all needs and all areas of a professional kitchen. From gastronomy to pastry and restaurant, a perfect Yesovens oven for every place.


The continuous research of the best technologies makes our ovens built to perfection: Yesovens creates real works of contemporary art in the kitchen: the heat is our inspiration, the oven is our work of art. Our products are designed for those in an oven do not see only a tool but the heart of the kitchen. The heart of art.

“The art gallery of an old friend must have been in those whereabouts” was one of those marvelous mid-October days, when the air is clear and crisp, and the sky is blue without any clouds.
I had taken the afternoon off; I was feeling like fully breathing the magic of fall, and strolling around town. So, I asked my 8-year and a half daughter to come with me. She accepted immediately: she had already done her homework and was happy to have her daddy for her for some time.
We had a long walk in town: she told me about school and her friends, her dance and swimming classes. We had gone so far away that we suddenly found ourselves in the other side of the town. It was a new, more modern area, where the elegant buildings of a past era leave room to futuristic buildings and to skyscrapers that almost touch the stars. It came to my mind that the art gallery of an old friend I had met at University must have been in those whereabouts. He had sent me the invitation for the inauguration, but I had not managed to go. Why not popping in and say hello? We found the gallery and my old friend, who was glad to see me and to meet my daughter.

I looked around: I really did not understand how what was surrounding me could be defined art.

To me, art was a nice painting by Raphael, or a sculpture by Canova.
The walls hosted some photographs of objects of ordinary use: nice photographs – no doubt – but I could not see anything special in them. No, I could not understand how what I was seeing could be defined art.
“Do you like the exhibition?” my friend asked?” “Wonderful, really, I am speechless!” I stuttered, obviously lying. “And you? What do you think, little girl?” The gallery director asked my daughter. Never ask an eight-year girl for her impressions: “I do not like it!” was her prompt reply.

When asked for the reasons of such a merciless answer, the girl replied innocently: “Well, there is no nice drawing or nice sculpture exhibited here! I do not see anything beautiful in a book cover or in a pan!”
My friend burst into a loud laughter, then he bent and looked seriously at my daughter:

“You are right, you are perfectly right. But – you see – there is something I would like to tell you now and that perhaps will help you understand why I have chosen to hang these photographs to the walls. Art is not only a nice painting.
A famous artist once said art makes visible what perhaps is not. And, often we do not realize art is everywhere, hidden behind any object made with care and commitment.

It is not by chance that we say an object is made “down to a fine art” when it is well done. Behind any sign, behind the simplest move an artist makes, even if it
is the most trivial one, there is reasoning, discipline, thinking.

“You have to go beyond things. This is why I selected these photographs: Art is hidden even inside everyday objects; you just have to want to see it. And you will realize it is everywhere.”

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All about blast chillers

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Cook, chill, regenerate and serve

Distform´s blast chiller range TekChill includes two new models perfect for stacking with one MyChef oven and one MyChef T oven. Thus, you can install a combi oven and a blast chiller in an extremely small space.

Cook & Chill process in a column only 520mm wide or 700 mm wide for the transversal version. This system prevents the proliferation of bacteria by quickly reducing the internal temperature of the product, formation of the crystals that are common in traditional freezing and also it preserves the original consistency, flavour and texture of the food.

The TekChill blast chiller is a valuable ally in professional kitchens that helps you save time and reduce costs. The food stays fresh longer so that you can plan out production and prevent waste. You can plan for purchases, as it allows you to purchase ingredients and seasonal products in larger quantities at better prices. You also can get optimal control over stock as this system helps with production planning and facilitates service through regeneration.

With these new compact TekChill blast chiller models, Distform offers, once again, a smart solution for optimizing the space of your kitchen in capacities for 3, 5, 5T, 10 and 15 GN 1/1.

Download new TekChill catalogue and the update of MyChef catalogue.

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One of the pleasures of summer is to enjoy a lunch or dinneroutdoors . Working meetings, appointments or intimate friends 'parties move abroad. In this scenario, the restaurants should be able to adapt to new needs. Therefore, from Distform  we'll give ideas to continue to prepare the dishes offered you the furnace technology MyChef without sacrificing any location.

With the new autonomous car , you can convert the MyChef professional oven on a mobile device that does not depend on water outlets. Can generate steam during cooking thanks to its self -supply of water. The autonomous truck offers versatility hitherto unthinkable.

Advantages of the autonomous car

  • Ideal for services catering or banqueting outdoors . The autonomous car can hold events abroad taking advantage of the efficiency and performance of a professional oven.
  • The car has a range for cooking in steam mode up to 3.5 hours without dependence on an outlet water (90 ° C in steam mode on a MyChef 6GN 1/1).
  • Thanks to the small size of the MyChef furnaces and the mobility of new autonomous car, you can now take professional oven where you need it and benefiting from it anywhere. Just you need to connect to the network to start cooking.

As you mentioned, the autonomous car lets you cook outdoors in celebrations, dinners and meetings on the beach, mountain or in a garden . Addressing all these services in evocative environments is now easier thanks to the compactness and mobility provided by the furnace MyChef.

Cooking in a furnace MyChef

  • The TSC technology .The patent, created by Distform, provides a control that ensures high temperature stability in the cooking chamber with a swing of only 0.2 ° C. Thus, it allows cooking at low temperatures with high accuracy temperature .
  • Compact design optimizes space. It allows stacking teams, winning versatility and use the pass during cooking chambers depending on the workload.
  • The MyChef oven has all the features you can imagine in minimum space. Crunchy textures with Dryout, juiciness in meat and fish with SmartClima, cooking with the probe, smoked with MySmoker, programming by cooking steps ...

With the autonomous car, you can benefit from the many options and benefits in a furnace MyChef outdoor environment, anywhere and with a range steaming over 3 hours.

You want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us at  or download the catalog on our page dedicated to  professional ovens .

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Today we want to talk about the TekTherm Compact professional appliance as an alternative to laboratory devices commonly used for-low temperature cooking, such as the Roner thermostat or the immersion thermostat.

TekTherm Compact is a cooking chamber, developed collaboratively with the Roca brothers (Celler de Can Roca), which guarantees maximum precision at low temperatures thanks to a TSC patent, which ensures accuracy of ±0.2ºC. The exactness of the cooking temperature is especially important in low-temperature cooking in order to obtain moist, uniform results with little reductions. An egg is a clear example; every degree in temperature causes a change in texture.

This exactness in a cooking chamber, unique among ovens in the industry, is an essential advantage that the professional solution of TekTherm Compact introduces. But there's more, especially in the field of sous-vide cooking. We outline the details below:

With TekTherm Compact, you avoid inconveniences derived from using water

The immersion thermostat is a laboratory tool that moved to the kitchen because of its exactness, but it still presents some inconveniences for the chef. Since food is placed in the water, it should be vacuum sealed so that its organoleptic properties and qualities remain intact. If the food were to have direct contact with the water, it would lose part of its flavor, and the resulting texture would look like a boiled product. Some inconveniences of working with water and the immersion thermostat include constant dripping when the bags are taken out and transported, water evaporation from the basin during cooking, and the resulting humidity in the room. Another disadvantage is that the water in the basin is not the same temperature throughout; for example, the water is hotter nearer the immersion thermostat than it is on the sides of the basin. All these problems can be avoided with the TekTherm Compact appliance, since it produces cooking that is just as exact but without the sous-vide bag.

Maximum temperature stability in the cooking chamber

The TSC patent for the TekTherm appliances provides thermal stability in the chamber with accuracy of ±0.2ºC. No other oven in the industry has this exactness or uniformity for low-temperature cooking (up to 100ºC).

TekTherm Compact presenta la misma precisión que el termostato de inmersión aunque mayor homogeneidad y comodidad de cocción

From left to right, graphs of a combi oven (stability: 2ºC/Uniformity: 4ºC), immersion thermostat (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 3.5ºC) and TekTherm Compact with the TSC patent (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 0.6ºC).

TekTherm Compact offers more stability than conventional combi ovens and greater uniformity than immersion thermostats.

Savings of up to 76%

Using TekTherm Compact leads to savings of up to 76% in energy consumption compared to immersion thermostat in cooking over long periods of time because the TSC precision technology manages the energy needed each second to keep the cooking chamber stable. For this reason, cooking at night is more low-cost.

TekTherm Compact is a more efficient technology for long cooking times. The example below demonstrates this concept: Cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours has a daily energy consumption of 1.76 kW/h with TekTherm Compact compared to the 7.28 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.  Likewise, cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours a day has an annual energy consumption of 387.2 kW/h compared to the 1,601.6 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.

Forget the timers

TekTherm makes it possible to do without timers because the Multi Time Control allows you to control the time in each level of the cooking chamber. Forget the color-coded clamps...

Maximum uniformity

TekTherm Compact incorporates the Predictive Cooking patent, which allows the desired temperature to reach the center of the food and does not allow the temperature to continue rising from the product's thermal inertia. Food can, therefore, be left in the oven indefinitely without being overcooked. The TSC and Predictive Cooking patents provide completely uniform cooking of food, both on the inside and out.

More production

Greater production capacity with the resulting saved kitchen space. TekTherm Compact is a small appliance with 3 GN 2/3 capacity, which also ensures the utmost speed in changing temperatures.

Multiple uses

In the low-temperature kitchen, TekTherm Compact has multiple uses besides sous-vide cooking:

  • Sous-vide cooking: as precise as an immersion thermostat but more convenient (without the inconvenience of water) and uniform, less energy consumption, and optimization of kitchen space.
  • Low-temperature cooking: low temperature cooking with or without vacuum-sealed bags for uniform cooking results with 25% fewer reductions.
  • Dehydration:  work without steam and extract the humidity from the chamber.
  • Steamer: get the best results with seafood thanks to the latest steam technology and TSC precision.
  • Pasteurization: increase product shelf life up to 120%.
  • Fermentation: TSC precision allows this technique to be reproduced exactly in order to get controlled results.
  • Regeneration: this technique requires exact temperature precision to prevent the food from being overcooked. TSC precision and its humidity control allows precooked food to maintain its juiciness and freshness.
  • Preservation: it is very important to precisely control the temperature and humidity to avoid drying out and alterting the properties of the food.


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Equipped with new technology, it allows more efficiency and optimize space are those which are the needs of the restaurant.

With the new line of ovens, MyChef adapts to all situations, for maximum space optimization. It is now possible to install an industrial furnace in every corner. A MyChef is added MyChef T , designed for shallow areas with a solution ideal for narrow kitchens . With MyChef T, you can install a furnace 4, 6 or 10 trays GN 1/1 on an area of just 60 cm deep .



  • Ideal for narrow kitchens and shallow tables. Trays, GN 1/1, are positioned transversely, it all being visible to the chef.
  • Suitable for horizontal works that are done short or delicate dishes that require more frequent visual control: in bars, cafes or restaurants.
  • More comfort for handling food : in cooking on the grill as hamburger or grilled fish.

MyChef T model offers a design and a new provision guaranteeing maximum efficiency in minimum space .


  • With the aim of improving energy efficiency, MyChef incorporates new technology and new features across the range . The development of advances in R & D enables these new versions offer substantial savings.
  • 23% Power consumption . An expenditure savings of 23% thanks to the TSC patent and control of thermal stability.
  • -20% Of water consumption . A reduction of 20%. The system generates SmartClima the amount of steam needed to maintain the proper humidity level in the cooking chamber.
  • -30% Detergent . The new DA21 composition, developed for automatic cleaning ovens MyChef can use a single dual action product: degreaser and polish. Use only one product saves 30% detergent.



New T MyChef are designed with the aim of adapting the equipment to the space while maintaining the same capacity than conventional ovens and all the benefits of MyChef ovens:

  • Patent TSC : precision for low temperature cooking with or without vacuum bag.
  • Dryout : removing moisture for crisp and golden.
  • SmartClima : humidity control for maximum juiciness in meat and fish.
  • SmartWind : maximum homogeneity of cooking.
  • Cooking with probe temperature controlled heart.

The range of professional ovens MyChef takes a further step in the optimization because it favors theuse of space, helps lower power output and energy efficiency.



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