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Carp Ice

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Homemade ice cream is a palate that hardly a guest can resist. The latest highlight is liquid ice cream, which is shaped on a chilled steel plate to form rolls and then garnished with fruits, nuts and sauces. The equipment is supplied by Saro Gastro-Products.

Ice teppanyaki are just conquering the western plains. Known are the ice-cooled steel plates, on which liquid ice cream before the eyes of the beauties are turned into elegant rolls, from the East Asian street markets. According to the guest's wishes, the basic mass can be refined with fruit puree, coffee or - somewhat more exotic - with Matcha green tea. Roasted with roasted marshmallows and fresh fruit or classic with caramelised nuts and creamy chocolate sauce, the ice cream rolls are easy to melt. For gastronomy, caterers and pastry chefs, who want to satisfy their guests with the sweet dream of self-rolled ice, Saro Gastro-Products has the right equipment on offer.

At the Saro Gastro-Foods' ice-cream platter, restaurateurs provide their guests with an extraordinary show experience. Once the platform for ice artists has reached its operating temperature of minus 28 degrees, the finest ice cubes are made from ordinary ice cream within two minutes.

The technique used to make the ice is based on the Stir-Frying process, which allows vegetables to be cooked quickly and gently in the wok. The ice is ready to be eaten at the front-cooking as well. "The preparation of ice cubes is quite easy," says Walter Spangenberg, Managing Director of Saro Gastro-Products. The liquid mass is painted over the teppo-ice plate in rapid movements until it reaches the desired consistency. With the help of pallets the mass can then be pushed to rolls. And the ice teppanyaki can do even more, because on the ice-cold steel plate chocolate art works freeze fast. The Tepp-Ice plate also offers convincing advantages for chocolate makers and pastry makers. Mobile and flexible

The tear-ice plate is variable to the desired cooling temperature adjustable. The experts at Saro Gastro-Products recommend a temperature of minus 28 degrees Celsius for the best preparation of the ice cream rolls. After use, the ice table can be cleaned quickly and easily with a few hands. 
Restaurateurs and ice-makers can assemble and combine various ice table elements according to their needs. As a result, the possibilities of use are just as unlimited as the variety of self-made ice cubes.

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New Batch Machine from Stoelting

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New Batch Machine from Stoelting Brings Gourmet Ice Cream to Nearly Any Foodservice Operation

Batch freezer features a small footprint and is ideal for custom recipes

KIEL, WI – February 7, 2017 – Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, LLC, and manufacturer of frozen dessert equipment, expands its batch equipment offerings for gelato and premium ice cream with the new VB1 countertop vertical batch freezer.

With a small footprint and lightweight design, the VB1 is ideal for small restaurants, delis, bakeries, food trucks, schools and more looking to expand their frozen treat menu offerings, while saving valuable counter space. Operable with both commercial mixes and homemade recipes, the VB1 can make a variety of high-profit margin treats including sorbet, gelato and Italian ice. A time-controlled freezing cycle achieves smooth texture and product consistency.

The user-friendly VB1, which can easily be disassembled for cleaning, features a vertically-oriented, 2.11-quart freezing cylinder that provides maximum energy efficiency. The large diameter freezing cylinder facilitates fast freezing, which results in smaller ice crystal formation and smoother product. A clear, acrylic freezing cylinder cover allows monitoring of product while freezing..

About Stoelting

Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, LLC, is an industry leader in frozen dessert equipment, offering a broad and premium line of soft serve, frozen custard, batch and frozen beverage dispensing equipment that supports a wide range of foodservice venues. For more information about Stoelting, its products, facilities in the US, Europe and Mexico, and the foodservice industries it serves, visit


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Compare Commercial Ice Machines

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KOLD-DRAFT’s commercial ice machines differ from the competition on many levels, including designqualitylongevity, and warranty.

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The Ice Machine Design

KOLD-DRAFT uses a horizontal ice- making system.

Who uses a vertical design?
Scotsman, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc

What's wrong with a vertical design?

Commercial Ice Machines designed with vertical ice-making surfaces tend to freeze the impurities in the water into the ice.

  • Ice tends to stick together - this "bridging" creates slab ice
  • Impurities in the water leave deposits, corrode the ice-making surface, and clog the ports
  • This requires expensive water filtration equipment or a 
    self-cleaning system to keep the ice-making surface working

KOLD-DRAFT uses the horizontal ice making system, which means:

  • The water control system, water plate assembly, and exclusive "upside-down" horizontal evaporator combine to make a time-proven system that ensures better ice making every time
  • Pure, clear ice that melts slower and keeps drinks colder longer


Quality Ice Cubes from a Quality Ice Machine

When we say KOLD-DRAFT commercial ice machines make "the best ice in the world," we know that's a strong statement. But we proudly stand behind it. Our pure and flawless ice cubes speak for themselves.

The KOLD-DRAFT ice cube is the only true cube in the industry — the exclusive square ice cube. Our generous Full Cube size is 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" compared to Manitowoc’s dice ice cube, measuring 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8". And it’s larger than most other cubes on the market, too.

KOLD-DRAFT’S Half Cubes are half the size of Full Cubes. They’re ideal for fast food operations and upscale restaurants. From ice by the bag to hotel room service, they are easy to handle, provide great displacement, and last a long time. The KOLD-DRAFT Half Ice Cube is the right ice size for every purpose. Our Half Cube size is 1-1/4" x 5/8" x 1-1/4", compared to Manitowoc’s half dice ice cube, measuring 3/8" x 1-1/8" x 7/8".

But the size isn’t the only difference between our cubes and theirs. It’s also in the solidity and purity of our ice, making it the slowest-melting ice so it won’t distort the taste of any drink. See how our ice stacks up against our competitors in a 2004 Penn State University study.


Longevity of KOLD-DRAFT Commercial Ice Machines

KOLD-DRAFT Commercial Ice Machines last two to three times longer than competitors

  • 43 year commercial Ice machineTime-proven design for more than half a century
  • KOLD-DRAFT was the first and is still the best top-shelf ice machine system on the market
  • KOLD-DRAFT commercial ice machines have a longer product life cycle
  • Last 15, 20 even 30 years

This commercial ice machine was in service for 43 yearsand still works today… can any competitors say that?


The KOLD-DRAFT Commercial Ice Machine Warranty

KOLD-DRAFT not only takes great pride in manufacturing ice machines that produce the best ice in the world, but we hold great value in customer satisfaction. We know that that the customer relationship does not end at the sale. It is after the sale that the true relationship begins. That is why we offer the longest ice machine warranty in the industry.


More About our Commercial Ice Machines

  • See why KOLD-DRAFT ice machines make the "Best Ice in the World"
  • Read more about KOLD-DRAFT's Ice Machine Warranty, Three Years on Parts and Labor
  • Check out our "Green" Ice - ALL KOLD-DRAFT Commerical Ice Machines are Energy Efficient!
  • Learn how KOLD-DRAFT Ice Machines Turned Ice-Making Upside Down!
  • Not sure how much ice you need, check out our Ice Usage Guide
  • Read more on our commercial ice makers for all markets
  • See our full line of commercial ice machines!
  • Ice Sizes

    FULL ICE CUBE - 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″Full Ice Cub

  • The only true cube in the industry—our machines produce the exclusive square-sided ice cube. And it’s larger than most competitors’ cubes.
  • Banquet halls, clubs, and restaurants serve their customers more efficiently with minimal dilution of their beverages.
  • Cruise ships pack their guest’s coolers with our ice for tropical excursions.
  • Boaters and fisherman count on the full ice cube for the hottest days away from shore.
  • Bagged ice companies and their customers like the low ice loss of the larger cube.
  • Construction companies, fire departments, and utilities rely on this slow-melting ice cube for their truck water coolers and personnel safety.
  • Athletic training rooms in gyms, on campuses, and for professional sports
    franchises count on longer-lasting KOLD-DRAFT ice for conditioning and

  • Half Ice Cube

    HALF ICE CUBE - 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ × 5/8″

    KOLD-DRAFT’S Half Cubes are half the size of Full Cubes. Ideal for fast food operations and restaurants. From ice by the bag to hotel room service, they are easy to handle, provide great displacement and last a long time. The KOLD-DRAFT Half Ice Cube is the right ice size for every purpose.


    More About Our Commercial Ice Machines

  • Read more about KOLD-DRAFT's Cube Sizes
  • Check out our "Green" Ice - ALL KOLD-DRAFT Ice Machines are Green!
  • Learn how KOLD-DRAFT Ice Machines Turned Ice-Making Upside down!
  • Not sure how much ice you need? Check out our Ice Machine Usage Guide
  • See why KOLD-DRAFT ice machines make the "Best Ice in the World"
  • Check out our full line of commercial ice machines
  • Read more on our commercial ice makers for all markets
  • Best Ice in the World

    Pure Ice Cubes in Drink

    Why do many of the world’s best mixologists, private clubs, fine restaurants and hotels stand by KOLD-DRAFT? It’s the best ice in the world for the following reasons:

  • Slower-Melting Ice: Our ice machines produce the slowest-melting, longest-lasting ice—in fact, the slowest-melting cubes on the market—thereby minimizing drink dilution.
  • Harder Ice: Our ice lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, drinks, salad bars, bags and coolers. Its even shape helps to maintain carbonation and doesn’t dilute the taste of spirits.
  • Incredibly Pure Ice: KOLD-DRAFT ice has the least impurities. The horizontal evaporator and water plate assembly, with high-speed pressurized water flow injected into the evaporator, actually freezes out impurities. Ice from KOLD-DRAFT is nearly as pure as distilled water. It won’t distort the taste of any drink.
  • Longer Life: A much longer product life cycle versus competitive machines (two to three times longer than competitors). Get information on the longest warranty on the market.
  • Easier ice machine service and access to ice machine parts: With over half a century of time-proven design, KOLD-DRAFT ice cubers are compatible with new and old KOLD-DRAFT cubers, crushers, dispensers, and bins. Many of the parts are also interchangeable between models. So on the rare occasion a machine does need some service, ours are much easier to fix.
  • Our ice production process flushes out and rinses the system with each harvest.
  • KOLD-DRAFTCommercial Ice Machines create perfect cubes of the same shape and size because of even water distribution in the evaporator cells—better than any competitor.
  • More On Our Full Line of Commercial Ice Machines

  • Check out our "Green" Ice - ALL KOLD-DRAFT Ice Machines are Green!
  • Learn how KOLD-DRAFT Ice Machines Turned Ice-Making Updside!
  • Read about our five-year ice machine warranty on parts and labor
  • Read more about KOLD-DRAFT's Cube Size
  • Click here to review our “Ice Maker Output Chart”
  • Look at how bartenders incorporate "the best ice" (from KOLD-DRAFT ice machines!) into their winning cocktail recipes
  • Please contact us with any questions regarding ice machine for your particular market
  • Check out our full line of commercial ice machines
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