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Frucosol GF1000 Glass Froster

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Instant cooling of any type of cups or glasses. It doesn't need too much space, so it can be placed anywhere.

It improves the taste of your drinks and cocktails as it adds no flavor and the ice melts. Ideal for champagnes and white wines, as it maintains the carbon they hold.

It provides with more hygiene to the service as the glasses are sterilized with the freezing process. It improves the quality of the service with a low cost.

A distinguishing element for your business, a tool that cools and sterilizes your glasses and cups in a few seconds.

It is perfect for any business. Its design makes it suitable for any space and surface; besides, thanks to the manual system of working, it is practical, fast and easy to use.

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Ice Creams and GF1000 Frucosol glass froster??

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Do you think this combination is possible? Ice creams with a machine that has been desgined for bars, restaurants, hotels... and to be used with white wines, champagnes, licquors...? YES, WE CAN.

Enjoy it! .


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NUEVO FRUCOSOL GF-1000 …Enfría tus copas al instante!

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We present our cooler revolutionary DRINKWARE "Frucosol Gf-1000 " gf1000_aq (5).

This novel device cools and sterilizes any cups and glasses in just a few seconds.

Improves taste of beverages by avoiding quue the ice melt in the drink. This machine is ideal for cooling the tops of champagnes and white wines, because the cold glass keeps the carbon of these drinks.

This appliance is recommended for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Lounge or Cocktail Bar. If you have one in your establishment will make your customers perceive quality in service that will differentiate itself from its competitors.

For more information please contact  or 941 147 653. Or see the video at:

gf1000_aq (11)

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