Distform oven 4 GN 2/3 electric MyChef

Distform oven 4 GN 2/3 electric MyChef

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Distform oven 4 GN 2/3 electric MyChef

Vacuum cooking oven Distform MyChef Slow 4 GN 2/3
Convection oven 4GN2 / 3 for cooking at low temperature of 30 to 130 ° C with direct steam injection. Special for cooking under vacuum (sous vide) 
Convection oven completely remodeled in 2015 its range specially designed for precise cooking at low temperature with strict control of temperature and humidity.
Version 4 trays 2/3
- Dimensions (mm) W x D x H 520 x 690 x 565
- Power (kW) 3.1 
- Voltage (V / N / Hz) 230 / L + N / 50-60 
- Distance between guides (mm) 60
- Weight (kg) 39
- Convection mode. From 30 to 130
- Mixed mode. From 30 to 130 and adjustable steam
- Steam mode. From 30 to 130
- Technology steam injection directly into the cooking chamber
- TSC. Temperature stability of ± 0.2 ° C with oscillations
- SmartClima. Adjustable humidity control
- Multilevel. Timer for each level
- Control of order cycle time, probe, continuous
- Signaling the end of the cooking visual and acoustic
- Camera illumination with halogen light
- Double folding glass door for high temperature
- External connection to probe heart
- Removable Guides
- Shower for manual washing (accessory)
- Probe sous-vide (accessory)
- Multipoint probe * (accessory)
Automatic oven cleaning

Thanks to the three different cleaning programmes, any type of dirtiness will be automatically eliminated. Forget about this tiresome chore at the end of a service; the oven will automatically turn itself off after cleaning.

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