Dome dishwasher MP6 Nikrom

Dome dishwasher MP6 Nikrom

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  •  Its particular washing sitema TURBO "pressure" design and material attached to his arms offer consumers an excellent washing and rinsing.
  • Wash cycle managed by electronic board, which adapts the wash time to the needs of each user.
  • Two wash cycles, standard and economical. Your time can be modified by the installer according to instructions in the manual.
  • Double protection filter to the pump.
  • Concave diffusers, which avoid obstructions, easily removable with bayonet system.
  • Auto to lower the top in the dome models Start.
  • Optical alarm that warns:

               - The need to regenerate the softener.

               - Filling control: if Cuba does not have the required water level, the process will not start.

               - Regeneration cycle in models equipped with softener.

               - Automatic drain cycle in versions with drain pump.

  • Válbula backstop to prevent dirty water absorbed network.
  • The special study of hydraulic circuit allows optimum pressure washing with little water and consequently minimal wastewater and low power consumption. 
  •  New

    • Brand:  Nikrom
    • Measurements:  740x585x1.890 mm
    • Cart Measures:  500x500 mm
    • Maximum height:  410 mm
    • Voltage:  3F + N 400 V / 50 Hz
    • Wash Cycle:  75 "and 120"


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