REFRESH C 200: under counter water dispenser

REFRESH C 200: under counter water dispenser

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Refresh C130 | C200 | C500

Dedicated to those who need large quantities ofcontinuous cold water  , ideal for large bars, bakeries, reception rooms, tourist villages and condominiums. The large Zerica plants do not fear demanding jobs  thanks to the ability to work in the highest stress conditions  .


  • Three different models with continuousdelivery capacity  from 360 to 1300 liters with the possibility of  adding a high performance gas. All versions have two coils that can be expanded up  to six for premix and postmix drinks  including wine and beer;
  • Refresh C uses the Direct Chill cooling systemwith ice counter for its entire range  . The smartest way to cool large quantities  of beverages minimizing electricity consumption and plant size;
  • Zerica always pays the greatest attention to hygiene, which is why all the systems are made with highly selected components. For all the parts in contact with water are used materials with specific certification that guarantees the suitability in contact with food, an essential guarantee for those who make the supply of drinks for their business. The coils and each way of passage are made of stainless steel, easily removable for easier cleaning and maximum hygiene;
  • All plants in the Refresh C range are equipped  with Sahara Clima, a Zerica technology that allows  operation even in environments and warm climates with temperatures up to 43 ° C. These systems can be used in large  buildings as cooling and sorting centers  for multiple dispensers arranged in different environments.

a high capacity range

  • Complete range of chilled and sparkling water coolers capable of providing 90-800 L continuous supply, depending on the model
  • DIRECT CHILL refrigeration system with ice bank fitted on all models to reduce chilling times and electrical consumption
  • Exclusive use of certified food contact materials for all components in contact with liquid guarantees maximum hygiene and makes these units suitable for chilling almost any drink: water, wine, beer, fruit juices, other soft drinks and more
  • Fitted with ZERICA’s SAHARA CLIMA system to operate at external temperatures of up to 43 °C
  • They can be combined with the InWall dispenser (Click here)
  • *REFRESH C 200: under counter water dispenser (C+A) - zinc coated
  • cabinet - 5/8 Hp - 230 V - 1 extra coil (max 6) - Ice Bank technology .




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