Long Lolly Waffle on a Stick Baker

Long Lolly Waffle on a Stick Baker

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Long Lolly Waffle on a Stick Baker

This machines unique plate shape allows you to create long waffles on a stick.

Stick waffles are the new exciting way of eating and serving waffles on the go. This machine allows you to create 4 x Long Lolly shaped waffles, each on a stick for easy eating.
Children especially love these sweet snacks on a stick. Whether served with sugar, dipped in chocolate or caramel, they are a real treat.

3Kg of Sephra waffle mix will make approx 80 waffles. That's only approx 12p per waffle! Great profit opportunities exist using this product for vending/serving from kiosks in shopping malls and fairs etc. with consumers happily paying upwards of £2 to £3 per waffle coated in warm Belgian Chocolate.


Stainless Steel Casing
Coated Aluminium Plates 
WEEE DE61709673
Thermostat 50-300ºC
230 V / 2,2 kw
Digital Timer
Pilot Light
1 Year Limited Warranty
Machine Dimensions 310 x 340 x 250mm
Waffle Dimensions 230 x 60 x 23mm
Net Weight 22Kg






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Sephra Waffle & Pancake Mix 3Kg Sephra Waffle & Pancake Mix 3Kg
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