Tortilla Prep Station

Tortilla Prep Station

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  • It's so simple to operate
  • Store 8 full size 18" x 26" sheet pans
  • Large 2 bin storage space
  • Can hold any combination of Tortilla or Pizza presses and grills
  • Constructed of all stainless steel, type 302, 18 gauge welded and polished
  • Shown with TW2025 & DP2000 & Sheet Pans (Not included)
  • Here’s How it Works

    Step 1: Dough balls are pre-portioned and stored in (8)18″×26″trays located beneath the DPTPS.

    Step 2: Using either our model DP2000 tortilla press,simply lay down the dough ball(s)and press it flat.

    Step 3: Place the flattened tortillas on either our model TW2025 or TW1520 grill.The tortillas will finish in a matter of minutes and then they can be served HOT and FRESH off the grill.

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