Sauce Bar with Lever Action- 2 x Pump

Sauce Bar with Lever Action- 2 x Pump

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Sauce Bar with Lever Action- 2 x Pump

Stainless steel 18/8 sauce bar, complete with lever action dispenser and black plastic container.

Suitable for dispensing hot and cold sauces, sauces with particles, dressings, syrups and for instance the filling of custard donuts and croissants. Dispensers for hot sauces are heat resistant up to 120º C. All dispensers can be delivered suitable for or complete with buckets, stainless steel or plastic containers. The dosage can easily be adjusted up to max. 40 grams.

Dosage adjustable up to 40gms
Container capacity: 2.5 litres

Dimensions: 400 x 240 x 200mm .




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