DoughXpress DXM-WH Manual Pizza Dough Press 18"

DoughXpress DXM-WH Manual Pizza Dough Press 18"

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DoughXpress DXM-WH Manual Pizza Dough Press 18"

The DoughXpress DXM-WH white pizza dough press lets you flatten dough balls into pizzas up to 18" in diameter, without the need for flour, dough rollers or skilled labor! Designed for medium to high production volumes (100-150 per hour), the DXM-WH features a cam over-lock linkage that gives added platen pressure with minimal user effort, and locks the handle down to reduce fatigue. Its heated upper platen helps your dough balls flatten faster, or you can use it without heat for cold pressing.

This manual dough press easy to use and flexible, with features like infinite dough thickness adjustment, a heat indicator light, and a digital timer that starts automatically when the handle is lowered. The DoughXpress DXM-WH manual dough press requires a 120V electrical connection. 

Overall Dimensions: 
Left to Right: 22"
Front to Back: 30 5/8"
Height: 24 7/8"

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