Regeneration oven FS470611

Regeneration oven FS470611

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Regeneration ovens 6GN

Regeneration is a key process,
since it is the last step in the foodpreparation chainbefore customers are served. Evoline regenerators use reliable technology that can be used at any time.
Easy to use Just two steps
The easy-to-understand control panel allows you to regenerate food in justminutes, no prior training required.
Evoline is capable of regenerating food in just two steps, giving excellent results .
in terms of juiciness, color, and texture. Speed
Regenerate food as quickly aspossible
Evoline was designed so that theregeneration process can be carried out in the shortest time possible, thanks to
its thermodynamic design and optional steam generation system, which makes Evoline the fastest regenerator on the
Minimal investment High efficiency at a low price .
You’ll see energy savings thanks to a design that ensures perfect insulation
in the chamber for the most efficientregeneration possible. The competitive price and minimum installation requirements give Evoline products very good return on investment. Quality and safety
Regeneration with core probe Regenerating foods with the help of a probe allows you reach the safety temperature at the food’s core at just the right time. The thickness of the piece and original temperature of the pre-cooked product do not affect regeneration.
6 GN 1/1 773 x 728 x 890 118 12 120 81 7,8 400/3L+N/50-60 65-140-160* SÍ SÍ

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