PEEK Polish Can -250ml(Pack of 10)

PEEK Polish Can -250ml(Pack of 10)

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PEEK Polish Can, -250ml

(Pack of 10)

Multi-Purpose Polish – Suggested Uses!

Antiques & Jewellery... Peek® removes years of rust, residue and oxidation from gold, silver, pewter, platinum, brass, bronze, sterling and silver plate. Restores all metals to their original lustre. Remove water spots and stains from crystal and glass.

Automotive, Trucks & Cycles.. Peek® removes heat discolouration, rust, oxidization, watermarks and tarnish from chrome wheels, aluminium petrol tanks, mag wheels, fibreglass, glass, and Perspex. Also restores surfaces discoloured by tyre cleaning products and fuel. Use Peek to polish headlight lenses with a low speed buffer or by hand. For show quality brilliance, apply Peek®.

Aviation... Excellent on cleaning leading edges, nose cones, painted surfaces, Perspex windows and helicopter bubbles, plastics, stainless steel and aluminium. Peek® protects against the elements.

Bathroom... Peek® removes years of residue from glass shower doors, mirrors, fibreglass shower stalls, sinks, and more. Restore chrome faucets, aluminium trim, brass sinks and accessories.

Hotel, Restaurant & janitorial... Peek® restores stainless steel sinks, copper countertops, brass elevator surrounds and bathroom fixtures. Polish brass railings, beer taps, and wall fixtures. Buff cloudiness from Perspex food guards; remove water stains from metals and glass. Shine cutlery, flat ware and silver chafing dishes.

Industrial Applications... Peek® is the cure for Plate-out on fine Tooling Surfaces. Use on moulds: injection, blow, extrusion, compression, rim etc., dies and fixtures and mould materials. Removes plate-out, oxidation and stains on surfaces of cavities and cores caused by various plastic processes. Provides a high lustre finish on tooling materials, moulds and/or parts including plated surfaces. Shines diamond finished moulds without spiral webs, cat-tails or fine micro scratches. Cleans and shines acrylic, polycarbonate, and other resins to a surface finish far superior than the original moulded, extruded or cast surfaces.

Kitchen... Peek® cleans and leaves a highly polished finish on stainless steel sinks, copper bar tops, brass rails, bronze flatware, silverware, and aluminium cookware. Removes stains, tarnish and oxidation from all metals, silver, cutlery and serving pieces. Cleans ‘baked in’ marks from ceramic hobs.

Marine... Peek® removes tough stains from fibreglass, Perspex and glass. Eliminates tarnish, rust and oxidation from corroded aluminium, brass and stainless steel stanchions and fittings, bow rails, portholes and winches. After cleaning, Peek® leaves a tough weather-shield to protect against saltwater corrosion.

Sports Equipment... Peek® adds new life to trophies, golf clubs, bicycles, knives as well for cleaning and polishing firearms. Peek® is safe to use on factory gun bluing to remove powder residue.


1. Apply Peek® sparingly. Do not let dry. Rub briskly on surface to be cleaned, using a dry or damp cloth. For large areas use a damp cloth.

2. On large surface areas, Peek® may also be applied using a low-speed buffer (under 1000RPM).

3. On intricate surfaces, Peek® may be applied using an old toothbrush wrapped in a dry or wet polishing cloth.

4.On minor rust or stubborn deposits, Peek® may be applied with a nylon scouring pad or #0000 bronze wool.

Caution: If in doubt, always test Peek® on an inconspicuous area of the item that is to be cleaned, polished, and protected. Not suitable for anodised aluminium or lacquered surfaces. Peek® is NSF approved for safe use in and around food service areas.



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