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Ascasco uno pid

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With the new PID you can adjust the temperature of the boiler to suit your blend coffee and adjust the dose of coffee dose. Display shows up to 5 alarms - Water/coffee ratio, coffee or steam gauge, coffee group or steam.The PID is very handy, if you need to make the shot at the exact temperature ie 92ºC - you can change boiler temperature from 85ºC - 110ºC via PID screen.
2017 PID Models features:
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Charcoal ovens and barbecues



The brazier is Movilfrit’s flagship. High quality materials that will bring to your professional kitchen a touch of design. The Movilfrit brazier ovens are built in cast Steel and there are completely isolated to avoid heat loss. Therefore, you will have a great brazier inside your kitchen, without having to stand the annoying smokes that may appear.

But if you want to install a traditional barbecue in your kitchen, the Movilfrit barbecues are perfect for you and your restaurant. You will be able to serve juicy meat pieces, fish or vegetables cooked at the charcoal, coconut or wood fire. You choose!

Moreover, Movilfrit has a team of industrial designers able to design that ideal brazier or barbecue perfect for your establishment. Tell us how it is and let us make your dreams become true.

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Why Synthetic Granite?

Hanson Heat Lamps offers a variety of carving stations with a wide range of carving base options. For something all-purpose, you may want to consider our proprietary synthetic granite material. It contains a balance of softness for your knives to prevent blade dulling and hardness to help resist surface scratches. Even when the occasional light scratches do appear, a simple wipe down with mineral oil will typically make them near invisible. For deeper cuts, sanding is a viable option as the material stays consistent all the way through.

Functionality & Usage for Carving

Our synthetic granite is a beautiful material with a clean and smooth finish. It can retain a high temperature directly from the heat lamp to provide a warm cutting surface. This makes slicing into meats all the more enjoyable. Additionally, all of our Hanson synthetic granite cutting boards are provided with a routed gravy lane to give a professional design.


Synthetic granite is our most durable product available. It will provide you with a long life span with general care. The maintenance is also very low, as it is easy to clean with ordinary dish soap. The aesthetics and functionality, paired with extremely effortless care, easily make this one of our best products to date.

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WOW GRILL For a great grill experience

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Saro’s WOW GRILL is made of high-grade stainless steel. The Grill is easy to setup and simple to operate. The WOW GRILL is equipped with one, two or three heating zones. Every heating zone consists of 18 square stainless steel tubes, in three groups of six each. The temperature of each grill zone can be adjusted separately. Each tube contains an independent heating element.

The WOW GRILL’s integrated heating heating elements ensure evenly spread heat and guarantee success in barbecuing.

If, against all expectations, one of the integrated heating elements should fail, only one of the groups of six elements would stop working. The rest of the heating zone can be used further; the broken heating element can easily be replaced.

This kind of construction also provides unique energy efficiency and guarantees a consistent temperature throughout the whole cooking area. Temperatures up to 320 °C are achieved in no time.

With it‘s innovative and functional design, the WOW GRILL offers a unique solution to your needs.

Any surface irregularities can be compensated due to the WOW GRILL’S adjustable foods.

The stainless steel splatter shield can be put on or be removed tool-free.

A drawer is located underneath the heating areas, to collect crumbs and escaping fat. The drawer can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. Water can be filled into the drawer to make cleaning it even more easy.

After grilling any remains can easily be removed from the grillage, simply by using the supplied scrapers.

The consistent temperature guarantees delicious food and perfect beautiful grill marks. Because after all, not only the taste, but also the look of your meals should create an impression on your guests.

Due to the shallow design of the WOW GRIlLL, it can be placed anywhere inside or outside. Discover our range of WOW GRILLs .


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Unipro, Italian excellence at the service of international bakery industry.


Based in the Vicenza’s neighbouring city of Montegalda, Unipro was born from the merger between Universal’s company mission and productive technology, and the expertise of Polin Group, renowned business in the Italian sector of bakery and pastry equipment. This fruitful partnership between the two leading companies in the field of baking system’s design and manufacturing was also enhanced by shared values and a common work philosophy.

Unipro was founded with the aim of fulfilling the requests of an ever-increasing and demanding clientele, by offering custom-made solutions out of a wide range of horizontal cooking equipments, with different structures and technical specifications.

Our main priorities are R&D, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and customer service: these are the core elements on which both companies strongly rely.

Unipro offers a wide range of products for the HO.RE.CA. sector, ranging from proofing chambers to bakery, pastry and industrial ovens. By focusing on the simplification and acceleration of cooking phases, our company can match the needs of mass catering and medium or large restaurant services, such as catering services, service station cafés, hospital and school canteens.

Today, Unipro’s strength in international markets lies in the capacity to provide a valid alternative to the classic manufacturing process of restaurant ovens. As a dynamic and technologically advances business, Unipro stands out for the top quality of its products: each single item is assembled through a strictly regulated process, ensuring high standards and making it suitable for the introduction in domestic and foreign markets.

Taking advantage on the expertise acquired throughout the years by Polin Group, Unipro is nowadays a benchmark in the sector of professional ovens.




Our company mission is to excel in the strategic markets of cooking systems by putting forward state-of-the-art technologies, in order to advise our customers with the one tailor-made solution that best suits their needs.

Top-quality, high performances and innovation are the elements that made Unipro’s products known and appreciated all over the world and that soon turned us into one of the leading companies in the sector of professional cooking. Nevertheless, our first priority remains customer assistance, and in this sense we pride ourselves on having established with our international clients a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust, a common set of ethical values and environmental awareness.

As a consequence of our enterprising spirit, we are prodded into confronting with new challenges and targets on a daily basis. Our ideas are turned into projects, and projects are turned into products to be traded and purchased worldwide. All this with an Italian know-how that is the distinctive feature of our company.




The brand Unipro is nowadays renowned for the top-quality and high technical performances of our products, and has acquired visibility in the global sector of professional ovens for the restaurant and catering industry by constantly monitoring market needs.

A constant and constructive dialogue with technicians and chefs alike has brought to the creation of a wide range of products manufactured with premium-grade materials and undergoing certified testing procedures before being delivered to the final client, in order to ensure perfect functioning.

Unipro operates all over the world thanks to a widespread network of authorized dealers, granting a fast and efficient service from the moment of purchase to after-sale assistance, which also means an optimization of time and costs for our customers.

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Carp Ice

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Homemade ice cream is a palate that hardly a guest can resist. The latest highlight is liquid ice cream, which is shaped on a chilled steel plate to form rolls and then garnished with fruits, nuts and sauces. The equipment is supplied by Saro Gastro-Products.

Ice teppanyaki are just conquering the western plains. Known are the ice-cooled steel plates, on which liquid ice cream before the eyes of the beauties are turned into elegant rolls, from the East Asian street markets. According to the guest's wishes, the basic mass can be refined with fruit puree, coffee or - somewhat more exotic - with Matcha green tea. Roasted with roasted marshmallows and fresh fruit or classic with caramelised nuts and creamy chocolate sauce, the ice cream rolls are easy to melt. For gastronomy, caterers and pastry chefs, who want to satisfy their guests with the sweet dream of self-rolled ice, Saro Gastro-Products has the right equipment on offer.

At the Saro Gastro-Foods' ice-cream platter, restaurateurs provide their guests with an extraordinary show experience. Once the platform for ice artists has reached its operating temperature of minus 28 degrees, the finest ice cubes are made from ordinary ice cream within two minutes.

The technique used to make the ice is based on the Stir-Frying process, which allows vegetables to be cooked quickly and gently in the wok. The ice is ready to be eaten at the front-cooking as well. "The preparation of ice cubes is quite easy," says Walter Spangenberg, Managing Director of Saro Gastro-Products. The liquid mass is painted over the teppo-ice plate in rapid movements until it reaches the desired consistency. With the help of pallets the mass can then be pushed to rolls. And the ice teppanyaki can do even more, because on the ice-cold steel plate chocolate art works freeze fast. The Tepp-Ice plate also offers convincing advantages for chocolate makers and pastry makers. Mobile and flexible

The tear-ice plate is variable to the desired cooling temperature adjustable. The experts at Saro Gastro-Products recommend a temperature of minus 28 degrees Celsius for the best preparation of the ice cream rolls. After use, the ice table can be cleaned quickly and easily with a few hands. 
Restaurateurs and ice-makers can assemble and combine various ice table elements according to their needs. As a result, the possibilities of use are just as unlimited as the variety of self-made ice cubes.

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Big Dream

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Big Dream 

We’ve created an energy-efficient, long-lasting and hygienic coffee machine equipped with all the features to produce outstanding espresso coffee.

We invite you to come and discover the reality of our big dream. The beautiful Big Dream is the result of years of development and the enthusiasm of a team of engineers with the ambition to change one hundred years of history.

The first espresso coffee machine was manufactured more than 100 years ago. Since then, the materials used to manufacture coffee machines have barely changed.

Yes, 100 years…

100 years in which there has been a huge evolution in terms of the design, exterior materials and electronic devices that facilitate and improve coffee extraction… Yet inside, at the heart of the machine, nothing has happened for over a century. Brass and copper are still the main components of coffee machines. The technical characteristics of these materials tell us that thermal stability, energy efficiency, mechanical resistance and lime scale adherence to the components cannot possibly be optimal.

So… why not seek out the best?

Our technical team of dedicated engineers has devoted more than four years to this quest. We wanted to evolve. To change 100 years of history. There were other options out there, and they were better.

At our factory in Barcelona, we have engineered change: more than a century later, we have manufactured the first coffee machine that eschews the conventional materials of the previous century, replacing them completely with stainless steel.

The first coffee machine in the world in which 100% of the components are made from stainless steel.
Stainless steel body and base

The body is made entirely from 304 grade stainless steel. At 2.5 mm thick, we have created a coffee machine for life.


Stainless steel base

The machine’s base is also manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel in a high-gloss finish. There are no joints or corners. Hand-welded and polished. The complex manufacturing process, which includes a combination of both artisan and high-tech processes, has produced what we consider to be an extraordinary result. A spectacular and unique piece.

Objects of this complexity and manufacturing skill are no longer made in the 21st century. Mass production and serial manufacturing have done away with them. We wanted to rescue this artisan form of creation using the highest quality materials. To create a beautiful and eternal product.

Baydur body

The body is manufactured from a combination of high-gloss 304 grade stainless steel in areas in contact with water and Baydur for the outer shell.
This is a modern material that combines freedom of design and practicality: excellent mechanical resistance, resistant to high temperatures and a watertight interior.

Baydur offered us unrestricted design options. Its curved, sinuous shapes are impossible to achieve with other materials. It also meant we could use all the colours from the RAL colour chart and special paint textures to achieve the perfect finish. 
Backlit button pad and high-precision pressure gauges

High-tech, top quality button pad. Button pads in AISI 316 stainless steel with a high-gloss finish and RGB LEDs for a choice of up to 256 colours. A special silicone membrane offers a comfortable yet precise touch experience (soft touch).

With five programmed volume selections. ‘Volume’ refers to the option of setting the quantity of water in each coffee. It means the barista does not to be constantly supervising the extraction process and allows exact parameters to be established for the coffee to be accurately replicated.

High-precision pressure gauge. Casing in AISI 304 stainless steel. Metal hands. Lets the barista see the pump pressure in real time during extraction.

Wooden filter holder handle

Ergonomic filter holder: the filter holder is one of the most heavily used parts of the machine. It is important that the design facilitates the barista’s work. We focused on various aspects of the handle: designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, conical, conveys a pleasant feeling of strength and safety during use. The 10° tilt facilitates its use, allowing the hand to adopt a natural position.

We use olive wood (Olea europaea) as standard but can also customize the handle with oak or walnut.

Learn more about olive wood
Steam joystick

Its ergonomic design has been tested by professional baristas.

The stick facilitates use and improves control. It consists of a cam system which is ergonomically more suitable for manual handling. A smooth, intuitive ‘natural’ movement makes it easy to use and control.

When the barista activates the cam, he can adjust the amount of steam in proportion to the level of force exerted. It can also be left completely open.

Steam wands

Made from ‘cool touch’ AISI 316 stainless steel. Very thick (12 mm in diameter). The heat insulation (double stainless steel wall + insulating material) prevents burns and makes it easy to clean any milk residue.

The ergonomic multi-directional design (360º) and length allow easy, flexible movement of the wand so it can be adapted to the size of the jug.

Two types of steam outlet in PEEK (anti-heat). The special design of the steam outlet, with its rounded edges, soft shapes and four tangential steam holes, make it easy to get the perfect consistency of the cream or milk foam.

We offer two types of outlet:

  • Outlet with four holes 1.2 mm in diameter, with a smaller steam flow for greater control.
  • Outlet with four holes 1.6 mm in diameter with a larger steam flow for heating large quantities of milk.

View full information on our steam system

Hot water tube
Hot water tube in AISI 316 stainless steel. Teardrop design. Unique. Easy to clean. External temperature regulator in AISI 316 mirror-polished stainless steel.
Thin wire tray
Designed to keep the bottoms of the cups clean.
Rail and cup warmer

Rail: Solid and attractive in high-gloss stainless steel.

Spacious adjustable cup warmer (30ºC to 60ºC) in AISI 304 stainless steel.
On/off option. Keeps espresso and cappuccino cups at the perfect temperature for a delicious cup of coffee.

LED lighting

LEDS in the work area. These give the barista a better view of the cup and enhance the visibility of the machine on the bar to showcase its spectacular design.

It is essential that the work area is properly lit, for both practical and quality reasons:

  • To control the quality of the coffee.
  • As a design or decorative feature.
  • To facilitate the barista’s work.

Button panel LEDs. We use state-of-the-art RGB LEDs which offer a choice of up to 256 colours.

Both LED zones (work area and button pads) can be turned on or off independently.


Colour is more than just a shade. It expresses feelings, reveals personality and communicates with others.

We wanted our Big Dream to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor: colour, colour and more colour! A colourful statement of intent.
Colour is its DNA… which is your favourite?

We can paint the coffee machine in any RAL colour, using a very rigorous process that consists of three coats of paint both to protect the machine and achieve a deep, vibrant tone.

(only if you want, because it’s already so, so beautiful…)

We gave careful thought to the way users can customize their coffee machine to reflect the décor of their café or the coffee roast. Our machines are craft products and this gives us the flexibility to respond to the requirements of our baristas.

We offer the full range of RAL colours (256 in total), accessorized by different fine woods for the filter holder and steam joystick, and we also welcome special requests (personalized logos, printing,stencils , etc.). Just tell us what you need, but first of all take a look at our standard colours and finishes. This is such a beautiful coffee machine as it is…


Keeping baristas happy

In the espresso world, when we talk about ergonomics we mean the optimization of the design of the coffee machine so the professional barista can work in the utmost comfort. Basically, what we are looking for is that the barista can perform his ‘choreography’ smoothly, comfortably and happily.

Based on structured data collection, we have designed our machine in line with the different ergonomic parameters demanded by baristas to ensure that their relationship with the Big Dream is a joyous one. The essential elements have been devised and designed so that the creation of an espresso coffee and its specific choreography take place in the most comfortable possible circumstances for the professional barista.

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Keeping technicians happy

The machine has been designed primarily from the point of view of the barista, but we also took the technician’s perspective very much into account.

This is a nice product to repair! It is easy to dismantle with standard tools.  It has very few screws and the components are easily accessible. There is plenty of space to carry out repairs with complete assurance.

This is a key factor to consider in a high quality product.

Good design presupposes that the product can be dismantled and repaired with ease. The idea is that it will last for years and years.

It is a matter of quality, productivity and also sustainability.

We have worked on this component by component.
  • Easy access. By just taking out a few screws you have access to all the components: Solenoid valves, heating elements… everything inside the machine.
  • Internal valves. We have installed valves to facilitate the machine’s repair either on site or in a workshop.
  • Steam wands. Very easy to dismantle. Easy to clean.
  • External pump regulation. Easy access
  • A special tube locking system in 316 grade stainless steel. We have created a new locking system by eliminating copper and brass. This system allows it to be assembled and dismantled with no risk of loss and with almost no effort.
  • Electrical and electronic components protected and insulated from heat sources (boilers). Independent, unified electronic section. Easy access for repairs. The use of insulating material for boilers guarantees a ‘cool’ interior temperature and lengthens the lifespan of all the components, avoiding the need for repairs.
  • We can be trusted

    Reliable construction

    This concept has driven the philosophy of our factory. In addition to the top-quality materials, meticulous design of components, rigorous trials and tests, the most important thing is to create honest products with reliable construction.

    Our coffee machines have been designed following this philosophy: the construction of reliable, efficient, sustainable, easy-to-use, healthy, safe, and virtually eternal products.

    And making them well. Very well.

    In short, this is what reliable construction means.

    Every Big Dream machine has an average of 12 hours of assembly and testing behind it. This is the time necessary to ensure that your machine lasts a lifetime.

    We’re in no hurry…

    Luxury craftsmanship

    All our machines are manufactured slowly and meticulously by the precise hands of our craftsmen

    We’re in no hurry. The technicians who work on each of our machines need to take their time. Slowly but surely. At a studied pace with the confidence of knowing they are creating a unique and perfect object to last a lifetime…
    Quality is our obsession

    Quality assurance

    Quality is assured thanks to our internal quality control system consisting of over 25 points of inspection, carried out by specialists at our factory in Barcelona.
    Each and every machine we make undergoes a one-by-one test. One by one.

    Life testing

    The lab subjects our coffee machines to extreme life testing: making thousands and thousands of coffees, one after the other. Night and day. On full flow. We are determined to test the durability of our machines to the limit. And improve it!
    Thanks to a specially created robot, we apply an intensive usage programme to all the machine’s functions. Up-to-the-minute mechanical engineering and computer systems give us every last detail of information about the product and how it performs with use. The final test of the prototype had a target of 1,000,000 coffees and steam and water services in two machines of two groups each. This is undoubtedly a key factor when it comes to achieving a reliable, long-lasting product.

    Every 25,000 coffees we make a complete inspection of the machine. The results are analysed, technical improvements evaluated, and we continue improving the product. To infinity and beyond…
    Further information
    Yes. The answer is always ‘Yes’.

    Technical Support Service. Customer Service.

    When you buy an Ascaso machine, you are also buying the promise that if something goes wrong, we will fix it. 
    We have access to the latest technical information. Customized training. And a 24-hour customer service and parts exchange.

    And yes, the answer is always yes.

    Technical data

      Big Dream Specialty Big Dream Commercial
      2GR 3GR 2GR 3GR
    w/wBase dimensions 930/860 mm 1.189/1.121 mm 930/860 mm 1.189/1.121 mm
    h/d dimensions 554/593 mm 554/593 mm 554/593 mm 554/593 mm
    Boiler power supply (230 V) 3500 W 4500 W 3500 W 4500 W
    Coffee group power supply (230 V) 800 W 800 W 800 W 800 W
    Cup warmer power supply (230 V) 100 W 125 W 100 W 125 W
    Total power consumption (230 V) 5445 W (25 A) 7270 W (33 A) 5445 W (25 A) 7270 W (33 A)
    Motor power 245 W 245 W 245 W 245 W
    Boiler operating pressure 1 - 1.8 bar 1 - 1.8 bar 1 - 1.8 bar 1 - 1.8 bar
    Maximum mains water pressure 5 bar 5 bar 5 bar 5 bar
    Boiler capacity 8 l 12 l 8 l 12 l
    Coffee group capacity 1,3 l. x2 1,3 l. x3 1,3 l. x2 1,3 l. x3
    PID control (coffee-steam) Multiboiler
    Digital Multifunction Display(Touch screen)
    Thermal cladding in coffee and steam boilers
    Adjustable cup warmer
    Double dose hot water and temperature control
    100% stainless steel
    Base formed of a single piece  
    Dynamic pre-heating  
    Double pre-infusion system  
    Boiler emptying Automatic Manual
    Wooden handles Olive Maple
    Steam nozzle Double stainless steel wall (Ø12mm) Teflon tube (Ø10mm)
    Coffee tamper Olive wood + stainless steel Aluminium
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Orved has had the pleasure to teach the vacuum technology to the professors, who will teach to the future Italian Chefs.

A special thanks to all the professors who attended the “Sous-vide cooking” class organized by Orved.

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Yesovens is a company manufacturing professional ovens of the highest quality.

Great professionalism and experience, innovative design, extraordinary performance, attention and care to the smallest details and the finest materials: it is thanks to the art of knowing do well the things that we create, design and finally we produce the ovens to suit all needs and all areas of a professional kitchen. From gastronomy to pastry and restaurant, a perfect Yesovens oven for every place.


The continuous research of the best technologies makes our ovens built to perfection: Yesovens creates real works of contemporary art in the kitchen: the heat is our inspiration, the oven is our work of art. Our products are designed for those in an oven do not see only a tool but the heart of the kitchen. The heart of art.

“The art gallery of an old friend must have been in those whereabouts” was one of those marvelous mid-October days, when the air is clear and crisp, and the sky is blue without any clouds.
I had taken the afternoon off; I was feeling like fully breathing the magic of fall, and strolling around town. So, I asked my 8-year and a half daughter to come with me. She accepted immediately: she had already done her homework and was happy to have her daddy for her for some time.
We had a long walk in town: she told me about school and her friends, her dance and swimming classes. We had gone so far away that we suddenly found ourselves in the other side of the town. It was a new, more modern area, where the elegant buildings of a past era leave room to futuristic buildings and to skyscrapers that almost touch the stars. It came to my mind that the art gallery of an old friend I had met at University must have been in those whereabouts. He had sent me the invitation for the inauguration, but I had not managed to go. Why not popping in and say hello? We found the gallery and my old friend, who was glad to see me and to meet my daughter.

I looked around: I really did not understand how what was surrounding me could be defined art.

To me, art was a nice painting by Raphael, or a sculpture by Canova.
The walls hosted some photographs of objects of ordinary use: nice photographs – no doubt – but I could not see anything special in them. No, I could not understand how what I was seeing could be defined art.
“Do you like the exhibition?” my friend asked?” “Wonderful, really, I am speechless!” I stuttered, obviously lying. “And you? What do you think, little girl?” The gallery director asked my daughter. Never ask an eight-year girl for her impressions: “I do not like it!” was her prompt reply.

When asked for the reasons of such a merciless answer, the girl replied innocently: “Well, there is no nice drawing or nice sculpture exhibited here! I do not see anything beautiful in a book cover or in a pan!”
My friend burst into a loud laughter, then he bent and looked seriously at my daughter:

“You are right, you are perfectly right. But – you see – there is something I would like to tell you now and that perhaps will help you understand why I have chosen to hang these photographs to the walls. Art is not only a nice painting.
A famous artist once said art makes visible what perhaps is not. And, often we do not realize art is everywhere, hidden behind any object made with care and commitment.

It is not by chance that we say an object is made “down to a fine art” when it is well done. Behind any sign, behind the simplest move an artist makes, even if it
is the most trivial one, there is reasoning, discipline, thinking.

“You have to go beyond things. This is why I selected these photographs: Art is hidden even inside everyday objects; you just have to want to see it. And you will realize it is everywhere.”

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The Timanfaya’s volcanic barbecue

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Is well known that Lanzarote, one of the spanish Canarias Islands, is the synonym of fire. You can feel the heat immediataly after stepping on the land. The best way to verify this argument, however, is visiting the Timanfaya’s National Park, located in Hilario island. There, not only you can know the beauty of the natural lava fields, but also taste it.

Just as you read it. Would you like to taste a chicken cooked in a volcano? Be our guest! You will find in Lanzarote a restaurant specialised in cooking food with the heat that comes from the ground.

They can do it, thanks to an invention known as The Vulkan Grill, created by the renowned architect César Manrique. It consist basically of a pair of grills placed on a huge and deep hole of the ground. Being an area of high geothermal activity and magma, the heat rising from the bowels of the Earth is able to grill the food, placed on the grid.

Do you find this interesting? The most original barbecue you have never seen, indeed! Certainly it would be nice to try meals cooked with this technique, but if Timanfaya’s Vulkan Grill is far away from where you are, you always can use the Movilfrit Caliu BBQ; the way to cook is not so original, but the results taste wonderful! .


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