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Yesovens is a company manufacturing professional ovens of the highest quality.

Great professionalism and experience, innovative design, extraordinary performance, attention and care to the smallest details and the finest materials: it is thanks to the art of knowing do well the things that we create, design and finally we produce the ovens to suit all needs and all areas of a professional kitchen. From gastronomy to pastry and restaurant, a perfect Yesovens oven for every place.


The continuous research of the best technologies makes our ovens built to perfection: Yesovens creates real works of contemporary art in the kitchen: the heat is our inspiration, the oven is our work of art. Our products are designed for those in an oven do not see only a tool but the heart of the kitchen. The heart of art.

“The art gallery of an old friend must have been in those whereabouts” was one of those marvelous mid-October days, when the air is clear and crisp, and the sky is blue without any clouds.
I had taken the afternoon off; I was feeling like fully breathing the magic of fall, and strolling around town. So, I asked my 8-year and a half daughter to come with me. She accepted immediately: she had already done her homework and was happy to have her daddy for her for some time.
We had a long walk in town: she told me about school and her friends, her dance and swimming classes. We had gone so far away that we suddenly found ourselves in the other side of the town. It was a new, more modern area, where the elegant buildings of a past era leave room to futuristic buildings and to skyscrapers that almost touch the stars. It came to my mind that the art gallery of an old friend I had met at University must have been in those whereabouts. He had sent me the invitation for the inauguration, but I had not managed to go. Why not popping in and say hello? We found the gallery and my old friend, who was glad to see me and to meet my daughter.

I looked around: I really did not understand how what was surrounding me could be defined art.

To me, art was a nice painting by Raphael, or a sculpture by Canova.
The walls hosted some photographs of objects of ordinary use: nice photographs – no doubt – but I could not see anything special in them. No, I could not understand how what I was seeing could be defined art.
“Do you like the exhibition?” my friend asked?” “Wonderful, really, I am speechless!” I stuttered, obviously lying. “And you? What do you think, little girl?” The gallery director asked my daughter. Never ask an eight-year girl for her impressions: “I do not like it!” was her prompt reply.

When asked for the reasons of such a merciless answer, the girl replied innocently: “Well, there is no nice drawing or nice sculpture exhibited here! I do not see anything beautiful in a book cover or in a pan!”
My friend burst into a loud laughter, then he bent and looked seriously at my daughter:

“You are right, you are perfectly right. But – you see – there is something I would like to tell you now and that perhaps will help you understand why I have chosen to hang these photographs to the walls. Art is not only a nice painting.
A famous artist once said art makes visible what perhaps is not. And, often we do not realize art is everywhere, hidden behind any object made with care and commitment.

It is not by chance that we say an object is made “down to a fine art” when it is well done. Behind any sign, behind the simplest move an artist makes, even if it
is the most trivial one, there is reasoning, discipline, thinking.

“You have to go beyond things. This is why I selected these photographs: Art is hidden even inside everyday objects; you just have to want to see it. And you will realize it is everywhere.”

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The Timanfaya’s volcanic barbecue

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Is well known that Lanzarote, one of the spanish Canarias Islands, is the synonym of fire. You can feel the heat immediataly after stepping on the land. The best way to verify this argument, however, is visiting the Timanfaya’s National Park, located in Hilario island. There, not only you can know the beauty of the natural lava fields, but also taste it.

Just as you read it. Would you like to taste a chicken cooked in a volcano? Be our guest! You will find in Lanzarote a restaurant specialised in cooking food with the heat that comes from the ground.

They can do it, thanks to an invention known as The Vulkan Grill, created by the renowned architect César Manrique. It consist basically of a pair of grills placed on a huge and deep hole of the ground. Being an area of high geothermal activity and magma, the heat rising from the bowels of the Earth is able to grill the food, placed on the grid.

Do you find this interesting? The most original barbecue you have never seen, indeed! Certainly it would be nice to try meals cooked with this technique, but if Timanfaya’s Vulkan Grill is far away from where you are, you always can use the Movilfrit Caliu BBQ; the way to cook is not so original, but the results taste wonderful! .


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Coffee Brew Thermorapid System - CBTS

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Coffee Brew Thermorapid System - CBTS

The Coffe Brew Termorapid System makes the most of the coffee extraction properties thanks to our n. Paturri's patented Termorapid system, which allows for a slow filtration to obtain a great coffee, where the taste and aroma are valued and preserved perfectly for the duration of the service.

With the Termorapid model, coffee is produced that can be served hot, moka type or express type thanks to the particular Expresso application; 
with the Foam Pump module instead it is possible to cool and dispense a great coffee cold stout beer effect!

All Movable Solutions can be customized at will.

Composed of:

-Termorapid Coffee Maker; Foam Pump; Refrigerated units

Easy to use, clean and maintain.

Indispensable for catering-banqueting, intesting solutions, hotels, ice-cream parlors, coffee-bars, pubs, country clubs.

Marked CE.

Quality system certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

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Orved: Work In Progress!

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Orved, like the past thirty years, continues consistently to seek the best solutions. Since the beginning, we have worked, and continue working, to become and remain a benchmark, thanks to the use of the best technologies in the market and the continuous modernization of our plant to better meet our customers' requests.

We are pleased to inform you that the modernization process is going ahead quickly, and we have already completed the following:

  • Dismantling of existing shelves in ready pallets warehouse and replacement with new ones
  • White painting on walls and ceiling, as the warehouse will contain only raw materials and ready goods
  • Floor smoothing and resin coating, for easy cleaning according to the latest hygienic regulations
  • New warehouse organization, with easy-to-track shelves
  • Higher storage capacity
  • New retractable fork-lift trucks suitable for intensive storage warehouses, higher weight capacity and much higher storage shelves .
  • Setting of a new loading area to prepare goods ready to deliver
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Tips for vacuum packing

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Some tips for proper packaging:

For proper vacuum packed food storage, we recommend packing the best quality products, paying special attention to hygiene.

For products that contain liquids, we recommend allowing them to cool in the refrigerator for a few hours (or a blast chiller at a temperature below +10°C) before packaging. Important: in order to ensure perfect hygiene of food products, we recommend never using sacks. Remember to mark the packaging date and name of the product on the bag!




Thoroughly clean and separate according to length and width so that blanching time is as uniform as possible. Remove hard parts, wash, and dry. Blanch following the previous rules then cool, and dry again, keeping them from getting ruined. Now, just put them in rigid containers, vacuum pack, and freeze.


The blanching temperature for broccoli is about 3 minutes. Once blanched, they must be drained and run under very cold water for about 6 minutes. Dry gently, place in rigid containers, create the vacuum, and freeze.


Clean them, removing the spines and hard parts (just the heart can be frozen if you wish) and wash thoroughly. To keep from turning black, submerge in water made slightly acidic by adding a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar. Wash again, dry, and place in bags. Vacuum pack and freeze.


Before blanching, the florets must be divided. Then blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes and cool in cold water for 5 minutes. As with other vegetables, dry thoroughly, vacuum pack, and freeze

Brussels sprouts

Make sure they are very fresh. They should be a brilliant green colour. After removing any bruised parts and divided them based on size (to make blanching uniform), wash with cold water and blanch for 5 minutes. Drain well and cool immediately, putting them in cold water for another 5 minutes. Then package as for other products.

Cooked food

Prepared dishes can be stored as most convenient: in bags (even on plates) or in rigid containers.

Fruits and vegetables

The vacuum packing technique lets you store an infinite amount of fruits and vegetables without the typical problems of direct freezing such as frost that alters the characteristics of the product. As mentioned previously, high quality products should be used. Blanching is extremely important in vacuum packing vegetables for freezing. It is fundamental for stopping the inevitable deterioration of the products since the boiling water and/or steam stop the action of the microorganisms responsible for deterioration. Boil at least 5 litres of water in a pan without adding salt. Arrange the vegetables in a proportion of 100 g for each litre of water in a perforated container (metal strainer, for example) submerged in the water. Set the heat to high, cover the pan and calculate the exact blanching time. In order to keep the temperature uniform, stir the vegetables every once in a while. Once blanching is complete, put the vegetables in cold water for more or less the same amount of time as the previous step. Remove any excess water and dry carefully. Now, just put them in rigid containers, vacuum pack, and freeze. Naturally, the vegetables can be stored whole or cut according to need.


To freeze them raw, just clean, wash, dry, and if desired, slice depending upon type and size. Put in glass containers to keep them from getting ruined. If you would rather cook them first, sauté with just a little oil (preferably margarine) in a large pan with a thick bottom, with the lid on and on high for 3-6 minutes. Once the mushrooms have cooled, pour them in a glass container along with the sauce, vacuum pack and freeze. If desired, the system can also be used for stewed vegetables.


For this type of storage, the best aubergines are those that are not too mature and are more solid. Clean and cut in slices or cubes. Put in a container with cold water and a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to keep them from turning brown. Now blanch for at least 4 minutes. Run them immediately under cold water, dry, and put in containers. After vacuum packing, freeze them. Aubergines may be cooked without thawing.

Bluberries, strawberries and raspberries

These delicate fruits must be cleaned carefully but without using water. Once the stems and leaves are removed they are put in rigid containers, vacuum packed, and frozen. After 24 hours they can be moved to vacuum packing bags. Attention: before thawing, remember to cut the bag!


The freezing-vacuum packing combination is particularly indicated for this type of product. Bread and other similar products, whether simple or elaborate (such as pizzas and sandwiches), that are stored in this manner maintain all of their fragrance and freshness. We recommend not completely removing all of the air in order to keep the food from being crushed. To thaw, just put in a hot oven!


Excellent results are also obtained when vacuum packing and freezing doughs used for preparing savoury pies or desserts. Avoid adding sugar or salt so that you can choose whether you are making a savoury pie or dessert at the time of preparation. To store, divide the dough in rectangular sheets about 3 cm thick, choose the proper container, vacuum pack, and freeze.


Prepare them as if you were going to serve them. Once open, remove all of the seeds and chop according to the recipe to be prepared. For eating raw they can be vacuum packed directly and put in the freezer. If you wish to cook them first they must be blanched for about 2-3 minutes, even though the blanching time will vary depending on the size and thickness. Now you can proceed with vacuum packing and freezing.

Pears, apples, apricots and black plums

Since pieces of fruit can only be stored for a short period of time (about a month), they do not need to be blanched or washed. Just clean thoroughly, place in rigid containers, vacuum pack, and freeze.


It is well known that fish deteriorates very quickly. For this reason, vacuum packing is an excellent choice. The fish to be stored using this method must be absolutely fresh. Make sure that from the time it is caught until it is purchased, the fish is kept cold in special containers. The storage temperature varies according to the type of fish. Sea bass, carp, pike, cod, hake, sea bream, sole, and tench can be stored at -25°C. Fattier fish (such as herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, and trout) must be stored at -30°C. Obviously crustaceans and molluscs may also be vacuum packed. Given their characteristics (antennas, claws, shells), it is best to store them in rigid containers. Before being frozen, the fish must be prepared as if it were to be cooked right then. So clean as normal (remove the scales, clean, wash with water and salt, dry, and, if desired, remove the head, tail, and fins). If the fish is large (such as tuna), it is best to divide into fillets or prepare it so that cooking is easier, especially since you can then cook it without waiting for it to thaw. The smaller the parts, the quicker it will cook. Remember that certain preparations require it to be thawed (breaded, batter-dipped, etc.). In this case, just follow the general thawing rules and the fish is ready to be cooked as if it were just caught! Tip: when putting in boiling water, leave it in the container. This will make the operation easier.


Peas can be stored raw or cooked. In the first case, just shell them and put them in bags then vacuum pack and freeze. In the second case, blanch for two minutes. Then remove the excess water and cool under running water. Now just dry well and put in rigid containers, following the usual packing procedure.


To freeze them just remove the skin (so it is best to put them in rigid containers to keep them from crushing).

Parsley, basil

Herbs in general can be stored with this technique and will seem as if they were just picked. If you wish they can be chopped or separated into bunches. Before freezing in rigid containers, clean them without using water.


The best products are those just ripe (and that have good consistency) and are medium-sized. Before putting them in vacuum bags, peel, wash, and blanch for about 3 minutes. Once cooled and dry, vacuum pack and freeze. You can prepare all of the vegetables for minestrone and pack them together.


Courgettes do not need to be blanched before freezing. Just wash, clean, and cut in 2 cm rounds. If you need just one portion and not the whole bag, remove the quantity desired and put the remainder of the bag back in the freezer. Courgettes do not need to be thawed before cooking.


Thawing can be done according to different methods depending upon need and time. You can choose to thaw the food in the pan, put it in the oven (traditional or microwave) or leave it in the bag in boiling water.

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Orved acquired the company BMB

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Orved has the pleasure and the pride to inform you, that it became part of “Italian Excellence” certified companies. This important award, certifies that Orved SpA is exclusive manufacturer of highest quality products, entirely Made in Italy. A special Anti-counterfeiting ID n. 5093, protects Orved Spa brand and all its products as vacuum packing machines, sous-vide cooker thermobath, tray thermosealers, bags and accessories.

In addition, Orved is listed in the “Hall of Excellence” of the Excellence Italian website



Experience, willingness, unquestionable professionalism and strong dynamics make BMB a very popular

and rapidly expanding company that is finding ever increasing support in the food sector and beyond...


What sets us apart is

the fact that we are not only manufacturers and sellers of machines.

We also research solutions that allow your ideas to become reality

 to improve and streamline your production and packaging process.

All our products are

the result of the development of many skills developed in the field,

which, due to extensive design studies and the most modern design technologies allow us to implement advanced,

high quality and technological solutions that at the same time are easy to use and manage.


Our goal is

to provide solutions and for this we are committed to following our creations and our customers closely throughout the product life,

from the initial sales and design phase through the operational phase and never underestimating the final decommissioning of the machine. 
For this we provide a clear internal organization, a complete record of the specifications used and an impeccable after-sales service

guarantee to our customers, providing at any given moment a clear response in case of need.

Upon request the machines can be

equipped with the most modern technologies to allow you to monitor the machine’s status by modem from anywhere in the world

and at any time, or to receive informative messages on the machine’s operational conditions directly on your own telephone.Another service that we provide to our customers is the scheduled maintenance service.
In this way the dates and frequency of maintenance interventions are established in mutual agreement with the customer.

Thus the customer is relieved of thinking about maintenance and unplanned machine downtime

since the machines are regularly monitored directly by the BMB staff.

You can trust our experience

We can offer you complete and functional solutions for your vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging and storage needs

as well as cutting and portioning lines for food products, conveyor systems and product handling and special solutions upon request.

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Repeat business is all about leaving a great lasting impression on your guests. Hatco equipment is designed to do just that by showcasing your foodservice offerings and giving guests that wow factor they are looking for. Hatco can help make your guests' stay a memorable one with equipment solutions for:

Reception and grab-and-go
Full and limited service restaurants .
The fine craftsmanship of Hatco's reliable equipment can enhance the image of your foodservice program the moment you greet your guests. Make every stay sweet with warm cookies available in Hatco mini warmers at reception.

Keep guests on premises with Hatco's premium equipment and buffet solutions. With modern and attractive features, our warming, holding and cooling equipment is designed to flawlessly hold foods and beverages at the right temperature, helping to upscale your operation and maximize your investment with the best quality food.

From weddings to conventions, Hatco equipment can add excitement to the experience by complementing the premium look of your venue and putting your culinary creations on display.

Whether you are catering a party of 20 or 200, Hatco equipment offers versatility and efficiency with a modern design that will impress your guests. We work closely with our customers and stay on top of the latest trends and research to create heating and cooling equipment solutions that meet your unique needs.

From full service to limited service to grab-and-go, Hatco offers the right equipment solutions for your hotel business. Grow your revenue with equipment innovations from the one and only Hatco. Check out our featured selection below for our leading solutions for hotels.

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New Batch Machine from Stoelting

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New Batch Machine from Stoelting Brings Gourmet Ice Cream to Nearly Any Foodservice Operation

Batch freezer features a small footprint and is ideal for custom recipes

KIEL, WI – February 7, 2017 – Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, LLC, and manufacturer of frozen dessert equipment, expands its batch equipment offerings for gelato and premium ice cream with the new VB1 countertop vertical batch freezer.

With a small footprint and lightweight design, the VB1 is ideal for small restaurants, delis, bakeries, food trucks, schools and more looking to expand their frozen treat menu offerings, while saving valuable counter space. Operable with both commercial mixes and homemade recipes, the VB1 can make a variety of high-profit margin treats including sorbet, gelato and Italian ice. A time-controlled freezing cycle achieves smooth texture and product consistency.

The user-friendly VB1, which can easily be disassembled for cleaning, features a vertically-oriented, 2.11-quart freezing cylinder that provides maximum energy efficiency. The large diameter freezing cylinder facilitates fast freezing, which results in smaller ice crystal formation and smoother product. A clear, acrylic freezing cylinder cover allows monitoring of product while freezing..

About Stoelting

Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, LLC, is an industry leader in frozen dessert equipment, offering a broad and premium line of soft serve, frozen custard, batch and frozen beverage dispensing equipment that supports a wide range of foodservice venues. For more information about Stoelting, its products, facilities in the US, Europe and Mexico, and the foodservice industries it serves, visit


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The Futura 81 is a point-of-use cooler housed in an extremely compact stainless steel cabinet.  In addition to cold and ambient water, it also offers hot water on demand at temperatures of up to 99oC, surpassing all market standards. Complete with cup-holder, it’s ideal for offices and with its elegant lines blends smoothly into any setting.
  • The Futura is really quick to install. Zerica’s unique patented cooling system has no tank or float so it has none of the maintenance issues traditionally connected with these features such as periodic tank cleaning, or float testing and replacement. The sealed stainless steel cooling chamber Is welded together using silver, a material well known for its antibacterial properties. It also uses the exclusive Silver Turbo Clean system which generates a water vortex on the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so preventing biofilm formation. The Futura is the ideal choice if you’re looking for top quality, compactness and design;
  • One of the many records broken by this range is clearly its size: only 25cm wide and 17.5cm deep.  in such a compact space, no other water-cooler system is able to offer a refrigeration unit, water filter, and Instant Boiling system providing water at up to 99oC. This system has also been designed with energy savings in mind.  With its stainless steel hermetically sealed cooling chamber, this unit also has a controlling microprocessor which acts as a type of smart meter, helping to minimise energy consumption;
  • At 106 cm from the ground, the water outlet is positioned at an ergonomically ideal average height. This cooler can even be wall mounted to facilitate floor cleaning.  The 29 cm high dispensing compartment can accommodate both glasses and carafes;
  • The automatic shutdown system allows hot water to be dispensed safely, protecting all users from possible scalding caused by accidental movements.
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Why it’s important to drink water

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in its importance in helping maintain a healthy body. It is used in every single one of the crucial physiological processes and biochemical reactions that take place in our body every single day. As the body can’t store water, feelings of ‘thirst’ help us to maintain constant water levels. Water is needed for all the metabolic reactions that take place in our cells and is needed to transport just about everything through our bodies.  


Water makes up 60-70% of our body weight and as the body can’t store water, keeping hydrated is, therefore, essential for the correct functioning of the body. We get the majority of our water from what we drink and this water is used to: 

  • help eliminate the body’s waste products through sweating and passing of urine;
  • help with muscle growth and repair after sport as a) 75% of muscle mass is water; b) water counteracts the hormone cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue;
  • improve the skin’s texture and appearance giving you a radiant, healthy, younger- looking complexion;
  • moisten mucous membranes such as those of the eyes, nose and mouth;
  • lubricate and cushion joints.

How much should we drink?

An average adult should consume between 1.2 and 2 litres (6-10 glasses) of water a day depending on body weight. Water consumption should be increased in certain cases such as: 

  • When exercising as the body is working hard to regulate body temperature through sweating;
  •  In all other situation where the body is losing above average amounts of water through sweat such as when living in a hot climate or when feverish;
  •  In pregnancy and during breastfeeding.  Suggested daily intake is 2.1l for pregnant women rising to 3.1l for breastfeeding mothers.

Drinking an adequate amount of water on a daily basis is crucial for overall good health. Zerica water coolers can help achieve this and help you to maintain a strong and healthy body. 

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