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All about blast chillers

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Cook, chill, regenerate and serve

Distform´s blast chiller range TekChill includes two new models perfect for stacking with one MyChef oven and one MyChef T oven. Thus, you can install a combi oven and a blast chiller in an extremely small space.

Cook & Chill process in a column only 520mm wide or 700 mm wide for the transversal version. This system prevents the proliferation of bacteria by quickly reducing the internal temperature of the product, formation of the crystals that are common in traditional freezing and also it preserves the original consistency, flavour and texture of the food.

The TekChill blast chiller is a valuable ally in professional kitchens that helps you save time and reduce costs. The food stays fresh longer so that you can plan out production and prevent waste. You can plan for purchases, as it allows you to purchase ingredients and seasonal products in larger quantities at better prices. You also can get optimal control over stock as this system helps with production planning and facilitates service through regeneration.

With these new compact TekChill blast chiller models, Distform offers, once again, a smart solution for optimizing the space of your kitchen in capacities for 3, 5, 5T, 10 and 15 GN 1/1.

Download new TekChill catalogue and the update of MyChef catalogue.

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For over 40 years the Camurri company is present with its own patents on the HoReCa market as a leader in the design, production, marketing and servicing of machines for preparing filter coffee, tea, frozen yogurt, chocolate makers and machines for chocolate, hotel groups, thermal containers and water bath, hot water producers, vaporizers and trolleys machines for drinks .

The patent Camurri devices are unique in their kind and appreciated for the quality of materials, ease of use and versatility are the professional solution for the hospitality industry, health, catering in general and brewing. .

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50 years in the espresso world

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50 years in the espresso world.

J. Ascaso was born in a small village in the Huesca mountains. He was always a man with a great entrepreneurial spirit, and moving to the big city was his only opportunity to better himself. He left his village and moved to Barcelona with 3,000 pesetas in his pocket and a mind full of ideas. In the 1950s, espresso was becoming popular in Spain and all over Europe. In Barcelona, in particular, its popularity saw the growth of a thriving coffee-based industry.

In 1950, J. Ascaso started working for a company supplying chrome-plated espresso machine parts. From 1952 to 1962 J. Ascaso worked on the Gaggiaproduction line, making parts for the world-renowned coffee machine company.

Other coffee machine manufacturers came onto the market. The number of installed espresso machines was ever greater and there was a growing need for maintenance and repair services. J. Ascaso decided to manufacture components for all the coffee machines on the market at that time.

Once the difficult early days were over, the company hired a sales representative who introduced Ascaso to the world of professional distributors and mechanics, and, with a basic grasp of o-ring seals, filter holders, steam valves and heating elements, travelled the length and breadth of Spain, showing the various products to local technicians.

In 1962, Jesús Ascaso started his own business, producing and distributing spare parts for espresso coffee machines. Currently, Ascaso sells its products in over 80 countries with growth continuing, creating new business divisions such as the manufacture of espresso machines.

JL. Ascaso, the son of the founder, is the man responsible for the diversification of Ascaso Factoryover recent years. He settled on the manufacture of espresso machines to bring together technical knowledge and espresso culture.

The 'for coffee lovers' philosophy was born.

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Forma Absolute Baking

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Baking consists in a series of physical, chemical and biological changes which complete the bread-making process.

Bread is a product with excellent organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

Temperature and baking time are based on size and type of dough. Indicatively the temperature is between 200° and 270° C, the time can be from 40-50 minutes for 1 Kg breads, 30-40 minutes for those weighting 500 gr. and 20-30 minutes for smaller sizes.

We can say that regulating the baking depends on:

 - dough consistency, if tender it needs higher temperatures than a harder dough which would break if dried too fast;

- shape, that is the ratio between surface and inner mass. If that ratio is big, like breadsticks, the temperature must not be too high for a long time;

- weight, with big size the temperature is lower and times get longer.

Baking is through conduction for that part of dough coming into contact with floor or tray, by air convection or irradiation for what remains free. A correct baking is important for product size, its water content, colour, preservation in time, consistency, taste and aroma. This the moment when factors like inner temperature on all product volume, oven temperature and its balance , baking chamber humidity, product volume and weight become important. Baking means water evaporating and many of the substances created during fermentation volatising: alcohols and aromatic elements such as aldehydes, ethers, acids etc. Bread aroma and taste depend on the concentration of these substances in the dough and the glutenic mesh’s capacity to restrain them. When the dough is placed in the oven the water evaporations slows the temperature increase and this favouring the product development. The fermentation stage is completed with the production of carbon dioxide and volume growing and developing. Growth is linked to the concentration of anhydrides and other gases and the capacity to restrain them related to dough elasticity and resistance. Some small cuts on the dough surface help the gases get out and favour alveolation.

The surface elasticity of the dough allows the increase of the heat into the centre, involving the starch gelatinisation, by hydrating the granules and coagulating the gluten.

Around 100 degrees, with an intense evaporation, the crust starts to form and gluten gelatinisation stops, the structure goes from plastic to rigid breaking weak and strong ties. As evaporation decreases the crust forms.

The crust forms and its thickness increase, remaining sugars candy and the Maillard reactions start involving sugars and proteins. All this determines bread colour. In fact, the inner bread temperature does not exceed 100 degrees C, while outer crust temperature is around 120/140 degrees C. Good bread must be uniform, light and fragrant; its upper crust must be uniformly thin and thicker and sounder at the base. The surface must be bright, lighting and golden coloured, inner crumb parts soft and elastic.


Once the product has been put in the oven, the steam condenses on the surface due to the temperature difference between dough (25°/30°C) and oven chamber (200°/270°C) and creates a thin film. This makes the dough softer and stops the carbon dioxide getting out. It enables the dough to develop better giving the bread greater volume.

This water film re-evaporates slowly absorbing heat and this slows down the superficial chemical processes allowing a softer, thinner crust to form.

As Maillard reactions and candying are influenced by humidity, crust colour is based on steam quantity.

The steam’s action on the crust affects how thick, crispy and crumbly it is and its colour.

A considerable amount of instant steam is needed to bake the crust perfectly. This speeds the baking, slows down crust formation and exalts some features such as thinness, glossiness and golden colour.

Amount and speed at which steam is produced eliminate problems of hydration, bubbles forming and cracking.


Our ovens guarantee uniform and excellent distribution of heat and extraordinary stability after the product has been put in the oven. This means stable and homogeneous baking giving any type of bread volume, softness, fragrance and making it nice to look at.

Steam production and distribution is excellent in all the oven, even with continuous work cycles: instant, saturated steam enveloping the bread.

With these advantageous features the dough rises better during the baking with bread well developed; the dough browns progressively and uniformly, giving you inviting bread with a uniform and glossy crust. A generous crust maintaining flavour and fragrance, making the bread conservation longer and better.

Rotating convection rack ovens with forced air circulation: homogeneous and regular baking, the bread grows more. Flexible baking and ease of use for shorter baking times.

Electric deck ovens, static or modular: baking on deck with separate temperature for each chamber, regulation elasticity, reactivity and fast recovery. Used on all those premises where it’s not easy and practical to install a chimney.

Cyclo-thermic ovens with canalized hot air circulation under pressure: reactivity and flexible used with stable temperature and an excellent baking thrust.

Static steam pipe deck ovens: exceptionally stable and homogeneous baking which spreads gently, it gives developing to the product, its fragrance and softness. Particularly suited for baking large-sized bread, highly stable and heat efficient oven.


All machines conform to European Directives applicable and are guaranteed 2 years (excluding parts subject to normal wear and tear).

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Baking Art

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The ovens Bassanina become part of FORMA srl .

Great satisfaction for the goal in itself, of course, but also for the opportunities now open. The manufacturer with the widest range of tools for baking. Ovens, baking trays, racks and loading belts.

"In the life of any organization and its people there are important moments. The step taken is undoubtedly one of them. A project of integration that takes on a new organization: this unitary structure will allow us to create a manufacturer with a complete range of equipment for baking bread and pastry. A wealth of global experience, with unique points of view and expertise. A solid group, open and integrated with an expanded offer, which will ensure to its people a modern organization, challenging and rewarding."

Forma srl manufactures a wide range of items. The elements that distinguish us are correct processing and creativity. We are honored to offer equipment for very prestigious products: to be proud of your bread.

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One of the advantages of the vacuum packers developed at Distform is that they allow you to maximize time and money on machine maintenance and cleaning. In this sense, it is worth highlighting that the vacuum packers with theDistform brand have been created with quick cleaning and efficiency of all components in mind: wire-free sealing bar, easily removable silicone, rounded edges for cleaning corners easily, simple installation, and quick attachment of accessories.

Furthermore, using the newest technology, Self-clean Oil, in our vacuum packers saves time and money on oil changes.

How does this function work?

The condensation of the oil vapor that is given off during the packaging process reduces the efficiency of the vacuum pump, especially when we package sauces or liquids. The Self-clean Oil technology—incorporated in all of the Distform vacuum packers—eliminates the water from the oil and cleans it automatically so that the leftover oil is able to be reused. Carrying out this process saves the user from costly oil changes by extending its durability. Therefore the vacuum pump is guaranteed to be in excellent condition, further extending the working life of our vacuum packer. This is how we achieve a much more exact, efficient, safe, and economic packaging.

It is recommended that the user runs the Self-clean Oil cycle once a week.

In the following video you can see the elements that are incorporated in our vacuum packers to ensure easy cleaning and see how to perform a Self-clean Oil cycle for optimum use of the vacuum pump oil:



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The enterprise  LAVEZZINI  looks out with success and determination in the world of  vacuum packaging establishing itself in a short time on the market thanks to the introduction of a ' innovative line of packaging machines with external aspiration,  thus generating a new concept of " packaging ".

Steading the enterprise bases in the following years, the company  LAVEZZINI , strong precious "field experience", continues to walk the road of improvement in making an expansion that would include range also produce  professional packers machines , available in different versions and types.

The company's mission  LAVEZZINI  has always been to provide to its commercial patner a  service to 360 degrees  in which the sale of the single  packaging  only constitutes a starting point and not a point of arrival. Forged from years of experience, after careful consideration, the team  LAVEZZINI  in 2003 faces with determination and stubbornness to the world of  heat-sealing , providing customers with reliable four thermosealers models able to fulfill the packaging needs in  the pan .

Continuous investment and constant  technological updates  of the product have allowed the company to be present in most countries of the world, as to be considered one of the major enterprises of the sector. Today in fact the company  LAVEZZINI , divided into  two production plants  for a total of  5000 square meters , is a  solid ,  dynamic  and in  constant evolution , aware that the basis of its success are to be found: in the ' intuition of the ruling class , in  dedication  of the working staff, and especially the expertise  and availability of its precious  distributors .



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Ice Creams and GF1000 Frucosol glass froster??

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Do you think this combination is possible? Ice creams with a machine that has been desgined for bars, restaurants, hotels... and to be used with white wines, champagnes, licquors...? YES, WE CAN.

Enjoy it! .


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Lavezzini Vacuum Packers

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The company  LAVEZZINI  looks out with determination and success in the world of  vacuum packaging establishing itself in a short time on the market through the introduction of an ' innovative line of packaging machines with external aspiration,  thus creating a new concept of " packaging ."

Consolidated corporate foundations in the following years, the company  LAVEZZINI , strong of a precious "field experience", continues to travel the road of making improvements that would include an expansion of the range is the production of  professional bell packaging machines , available in different versions and types.

The firm's mission  LAVEZZINI  has always been to provide its commercial patner a  service to 360 degrees  where the sale of single  packaging  must be only a starting point and not an end point. Forged from years of experience, after careful consideration, the team  LAVEZZINI  in 2003 faces with determination and stubbornness to the world of  heat sealing , providing the trusty customers four thermosealers models capable of fulfilling the needs of the packaging  tray .

Continuous investment and constant  technological upgrades  of the product have allowed the company to be present in most countries of the world, as to be considered one of the major enterprises of the sector. Today in fact the company  LAVEZZINI , articulated on  two production plants  for a total of  5000 square meters , is a  solid ,  dynamic  and in  constant evolution , aware that the foundation of its success are to be found: in the ' intuition of the ruling class , in  dedication  of the working staff, especially in the  competence  and availability of its precious  distributors .

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Read entire post: BIG TERMORAPID CAMURRI mod.T.100 – T.200


CAMURRI : a “brand”, an idea, a Patent, a quality guarantee signed by Federico Camurri.
The “Coffee Break” identifies the profile of any culture and country: american, turkish, toddy, chemex, french, drip, siphon, napoletain, moka, Camurri, expresso …
Termorapid Camurri’ system is the made in Italy coffee brewing exclusive method which underlines in the best way any kind of coffee, satisfying any need.

But coffee is not the unique product our machine can prepare: Termorapid System provides different uses and productions: Teas, infusions and concentrated products.

We are glad to introduce the new “BIG TERMORAPID”, available in 100 and 200 lt capacities: innovative, practical, reliable, affordable and first rate.

Camurri: a “brand”, an idea, a patent, a guarantee of quality. The coffee break identifies the profile of each country and culture: american, turkish, toddy, chemex, french, drip, siphon, neapolitan, moka, camurri, espresso … The system Termorapid Camurri is an innovative method of coffee brewing made in Italy that makes the best each type of coffee to satisfy every requirement.


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