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Mussana Cream

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Since its foundation in 1948, the Hans Kratt factory has been producing bakery and catering appliances. While emulsifiers and nut mills were a major part of the product range during the early post-war years, the production program has increasingly turned towards Mussana whipped cream dispensers since the start of the fifties. These appliances stood out due to their very high level of quality for those times, as well as their easy operation.

The whipped cream dispensers, then operated with compressed air, were followed in the mid sixties by the first cream whipping machines as we know them today. At that time, Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik became a national and international leading company - a position which it has not relinquished to the present day. The ongoing further development of the machines in the seventies, eighties and nineties, with elements such as complete stain- less steel finish, double mixing rollers, standard portioning and cleaning mechanisms, have made Mussana one of the best products in cream whipping technology.

Recent investments of millions of euros mean Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH now
has the latest, highest quality and most cost-effective manufacturing process for cream whipping equipment. Keeping around 75% of its production at the Mannheim site gives .
the claim "Made in Germany" a new brilliance. Customers from around 50 countries all
over the world each day enjoy the machine`s simple handling, efficiency, features and
ease of cleaning. All these efforts have made it possible to avoid price rises since 1993,
despite selecting the highest quality materials and components. The result is that
Mussana cream whipping machines are being used in more and more businesses.

Our principle "Quality at a fair price" is very appreciated all over the world.


Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik was founded in Mannheim
by Hans Kratt


First Mussana whipped cream dispenser was produced


First Mussana cream whipping machine was built


First Mussana cream whipping machine was built


Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH was founded


New cream whipping machine series with double mixing
roller designed completely in stainless steel was intro-
duced to the market.


Intensive cooling right through to the garnishing spout
was introduced


Standard portioning mechanism was introduced along
with the Microtronic series


Standard cleaning mechanism combined with a new
finer machine design was introduced

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Until a few years ago, food vacuum packing required the machine’s user to set the pump operation time in one way or another to achieve the required vRegular calibration is necessary for sensor-controlled vacuum packers, as they need to know the actual atmospheric pressure to be able to determine the precise vacuum. 

Distform TekVac sensor-controlled vacuum packers include the patented Self Calibration System algorithm, by which the vacuum packer is calibrated automatically without any intervention from the user. This means a convenience for users that other brands do not provide.  Have you already got yours?

The pump flow, the size of the chamber, the amount of food and even the atmospheric pressure affect the final result of the vacuum, giving different results with the same time. 

As users are incapable of knowing the time they need to vacuum pack food a priori, generally a long pump operation time is chosen to assure maximum vacuum. This has many drawbacks: it lengthens the packing cycle, eliminates the moisture from the food and even emulsifies the moisture that the food has released with the oil of the pump, thus reducing its lifespan.

The arrival of vacuum level electronic sensors led to vacuum packers that automatically control the vacuum level and keep the vacuum pump working until the level required by the user is reached. The vacuum packer is therefore capable of reading the real vacuum level within the packing chamber.

Also thanks to the vacuum sensor, these vacuum packers allow precise inert gas injection, either to increase the preservation time, to adjust the taste, smell or appearance of the product, or simply to ensure that the vacuum packing bag does not stick to the food.

There follows a summary of the principal characteristics of the time-controlled and sensor-controlled vacuum packers.


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Autumn healthy with Frucosol

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The orange juice is without doubt one of the most traditional and classic, highlighting its contribution in vitamin C. But best of all is that this fruit allows infinite combinations to enjoy even more tasty juices:

  •  Orange Watermelon :

Ingredients :  Juice 2 or 3 oranges / a large piece of watermelon / brown sugar / mint and lemon drops (optional)

Preparation 2-3 oranges are squeezed and mixed with the piece of watermelon in a blender or blender.Peppermint and lemon is added to taste. In our case we have not removed the seeds to watermelon and increase the fiber content of the juice. Then we can colarlo if we prefer the softer juice.

Advice : I would advise to take right after training, especially now in summer where we lose a lot of water and minerals. It can also serve as dessert as a slush if we put 3-4 hours before in the freezer. The taste is very nice and it is a very important refreshing juice that fills us with vitamins, especially vitamin C and carotenoids, now in summer to prevent oxidation and help regenerate tissue.

  • orange pineapple strawberry

Ingredients 1 orange / 150 grams of fresh pineapple peeled / 2 strawberries .

Preparation 2 oranges are squeezed and mixed in a blender or blender with strawberries and pineapple. No need to strain.

advice : Superrefrescante, it is ideal to take advantage of the properties of pineapple. You can take it on anempty stomach because it helps the pineapple has diuretic effect and helps eliminate accumulated liquids.

  • orange banana

Ingredients 4-5 oranges / 2 bananas / sugar to taste.

Preparation It is as simple as making a juice with oranges and then pass it through the blender with bananas and sugar.

advice : Sometimes crave in the morning, in the afternoon snack or a light dinner companion, we provide many nutrients and are as varied as rich.

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  • 1 kg. of prepared Rocca Maya Cioc .
  • 4 lt. of milk


Rocca Maya Cioc dilute with milk or water. Pour the mixture into the chocolate and follow the instructions for cooking. 
The chocolate is prepared with a special water bath and maintained consistent with the appropriate mixer. For the maintenance, the set temperature of 65 ° C in this way the taste and aroma are enhanced and maintained for the whole duration of the service.

hint :

  • Serve with whipped cream and / or milk foam;
  • Ideal with little buttons "Rocca Maya Essences" to excite and custom aromas from a single base;
  • With a dash of "Rocca Maya Fountain" you get a chocolate hazelnut taste.    




  • 1 kg. Rocca of prepared Maya Ivory .
  • 4 lt. of milk


Pour Rocca Maya Ivory in a bowl and mix with milk. Pour the mixture into the chocolate and follow the instructions for cooking. The chocolate is prepared thanks to the special water bath and maintained homogeneous with the appropriate mixer. 
For the maintenance set the thermostat to 65 ° C. The taste and aroma will be preserved for the entire duration of the service.


  • To enjoy this delight we recommend serving it with dark chocolate flakes, crunchy, hazelnuts, almonds;
  • Ideal for imaginative creations like the Dominican or Camurrino


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All about chillers

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Pasta :

the flagship of the Italian cuisine is prepared differently depending on the institution. In some restaurants, they are cooked at the time of the order, while in others,  they are prepared in advance , cooled in water and cooking them subsequently reverses. Both methods have disadvantages, to product quality as to ask what time. The main benefit of a cooling cell for the preparation of pasta is that it  lowers the product temperature had ith cold air  and not in the water. The pasta thus remain "al dente".


The development of a rice dish takes time. But prepared in advance, it may be overcooked. A chiller is very useful.After cooking the rice to 80%, it is rapidly cooled to 3 ° C, which  stop cooking . Then it may be kept refrigerated for six or seven days. Just resume cooking by adding a little stock, it will be ready to be served.


To cut a roast, it must be cold because when it is hot, it tends to break. If cooling is carried out at ambient temperature, there is a  serious risk of bacterial proliferation . In a cooling cell, the temperature of a roast is lowered to 3 ° C in 90 minutes, it can be cut and stored refrigerated for a week without undergoing any weight loss.


Any pastry must offer a variety of appetizing products. To manage a wide range of products, the use of chillers is essential. The production planning is greatly facilitated. In addition, the products  lose less moisture  and weight and thawing is rapid.

Distform specialist professional ovens and chillers. Our equipment allows to optimize the production process and, above all, ensure food safety products produced in professional kitchens.

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You’d think this story begins in Italy, where the Choco Kebab was created– but it doesn’t. It actually all started in Germany, where the founder of Choco Kebab, Angelo, was visiting an old friend. They had a Turkish Döner Kebab for lunch (lamb inside a pita.) And when they couldn’t find anything appealing to get for dessert, Angelo’s friend joked, “You should invent a sweet Kebab!” And so the idea was born, and Angelo went back to Italy to gather the highest quality chocolate and innovative equipment to create the Choco Kebab concept.

The prestigious Italian company Techfood spent years mastering the recipe and designing the advanced equipment. And in 2015, an Italian family of entrepreneurs decided to share this decadent treat with America. Italian Chocolate Twister now represents Techfood in Florida, helping business owners and other entrepreneurs cash in on the Choco Kebab business. You can find Choco Kebab in several Florida malls, venues and local ice cream shops. This is only the beginning!

So what exactly IS the Choco Kebab? Well, it’s certainly not what you imagine when you think “kebab.” It all starts with the artisanal Cremino Piemontese chocolate: layers of creamy hazelnut and gianduia chocolate that melts in your mouth. Made in Italy, the chocolate is packaged into a 22-pound cylinder that is kept on a vertical rotating spit inside a state-of-the-art refrigerated case (this is the part that looks likes the rotating lamb meat used for traditional kebabs.) The chocolate is then sliced and served in a warm crepe-like pancake topped with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream or anything you’d like! .

Our dedication to providing a quality product and sharing the love of chocolate has helped us grow tremendously this past year. We hope to see you soon at one of our locations. Come get a taste of Choco Kebab and twist your senses!

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Gluten Free Crepes

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Gluten Free Crepes

There’s something about crepes that everybody loves, they’re so versatile! Maybe it’s the fact that you can make them savory OR sweet. You can keep them light with sparse toppings or load up the toppings and make into a meal. There’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Before I gave up gluten in my diet, I loved crepes. They were my go-to Sunday brunch selection. Sometimes I went with the savory and sometimes I went with the sweet. However, after I gave up gluten I released my thoughts of ever enjoying crepes again. But then I realized that the more I learned to recreate my favorite treats gluten-free that I could do the same with crepes!

This recipe has been a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to create a gluten and grain free crepe and a homemade chocolate hazelnut spread for quite some time now, but it just seemed to keep getting pushed to the back of the line. Finally, I realized enough was enough, it was time to get serious and make this happen.

I also realized that it would be the perfect recipe to collaborate with Blendtec on as my Blendtec was on double duty creating both the crepe batter itself and the hazelnut spread. Something that I found incredibly valuable in using myBlendtec to make the crepe batter was that it eliminated any lumps in the batter. Crepe batter is supposed to be thin and completely smooth, there’s no room for lumps or bumps and the power of my Blendtec completely eliminated any.

When making your crepes, take care in flipping them as the batter and crepe will be just as delicate as any traditional crepe. I like to find the thinnest spatula possible to gently slide under prior to flipping. Then, with a quick flip of the wrist, turn it over and continue to cook for an additional minute.

1 cup almond milk
5 eggs
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp tapioca flour
1 tsp coconut oil + additional for pan
Pinch of coconut suga

  1. Combine all ingredients into your Blendtec WildSide+ jar and blend on medium speed until fully incorporated.
  2. Grease a non-stick pan with a bit of coconut oil and heat on medium.
  3. Once hot, pour a small amount of crepe batter onto pan and let sit until small bubbles form.
  4. Using a spatula, very carefully flip crepes and cook an additional minute until golden brown.
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Read entire post: DEHYDRATING FOOD

This technique, known since ancient times, involves eliminating water found in food in order to preserve it. Meats and vegetables were dehydrated, mainly during the summer so they could be consumed during winter months. This process consists of eliminating excess water found in food. Through this process, the development of microorganisms is inhibited, and therefore the product is preserved in a better state. As experts in industrial kitchen ovens, we know the importance this technique has in modern cooking, not only for food preservation, but also for obtaining unique textures.

Although this drying technique has been used since ancient times, the process has evolved greatly over the years. Earlier civilizations dried food in open air. If they placed the food in the sun, the process was accelerated.  However, by drying food in the shade, the original aspect of the food was preserved. Dehydration became a technique in the food industry during the last century, but the nutritional quality of the processed food was harmed.

In the majority of fresh foods, water makes up between 60% and 90% of the mass. During the drying process, the product's water is evaporated from the inside out through a combination of molecular diffusion and capillary forces.  The process inevitably requires time. For this reason, accelerating surface evaporation will not offer the desired result because the outside will dry and harden.

Today in the market, specific devices can dehydrate safely and healthily. The low-temperature cooking oven, TekTherm Compact, also offers this possibility, in contrast to other conventional ovens which can not dehydrate correctly because they do not have sufficient low-temperature precision. With this model, you can dry foods in a controlled and uniform manner thanks to TSC technology (Thermal Stability Control), developed by Distform in collaboration with the Celler de Can Roca restaurant team. TSC guarantees thermal stability in the chambers with an accuracy of just ±0.2ºC.

Ultimately, this oven model is born from the need to apply technological advances to gastronomy in order to work with low temperatures, ensuring excellent results in professional kitchens. TekTherm Compact also offers the possibility of working without steam and extracting the humidity from the chamber for dehydration.

Additionally, as specialists in ovens for the food industry, we believe it is imperative to work with appliances that ensure the quality of food at every stage while preserving its nutrients. In doing so, it is possible to take advantage of an excess of fresh products. They just need to be rehydrated in order to restore their freshness.

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The low temperature cooking is increasingly popular in professional kitchens today because it allows standardize firings, minimize waste, and a more rational use of the resources of the kitchen and the oven, chiller, refrigerator, etc.In this type of cooking food is subjected to a temperature stable and homogeneous for extended periods, which may even be several days. Normally usually 100oC temperatures below where a small temperature variation of only 1 ° C, may cause different levels in the food doneness. 

Until recently, the only tool available to the chefs to graduate accurately firing temperature of the thermostat was immersion. However, this device is ill suited to the environment of professional kitchens. 

Distform technology has developed TSC (Thermal Stability Control), applied combination ovens, to meet the specific needs of professional kitchens. This innovation allows working with absolutely accurate temperatures, but, more efficient, more hygienic, without delay, without buckets of water and greater production capacity than an immersion thermostat more comfortable. 

Unlike the rest of combination ovens, the TSC technology , patented exclusively by Distform, it ensures high stability of the temperature inside the cooking chamber, comparable to that of an immersion thermostat. For example, in the graph on the left a combined cooking oven without TSC is observed. It is appreciated that in one measurement point, its temperature varies during the course of cooking (stability). It is also noted that in a moment of time, the probes spread over the cooking chamber measuring different temperatures (homogeneity). It is unfeasible to perform low temperature cooking with optimal and repeatable results with this type of oven. 

However, with the TSC system , right, it is noted that throughout the cooking chamber and throughout the cooking temperature has remained constant (with an accuracy of +/- 0.2oC), which allows firings at low temperature with perfect and repeatable results. 

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One of the pleasures of summer is to enjoy a lunch or dinneroutdoors . Working meetings, appointments or intimate friends 'parties move abroad. In this scenario, the restaurants should be able to adapt to new needs. Therefore, from Distform  we'll give ideas to continue to prepare the dishes offered you the furnace technology MyChef without sacrificing any location.

With the new autonomous car , you can convert the MyChef professional oven on a mobile device that does not depend on water outlets. Can generate steam during cooking thanks to its self -supply of water. The autonomous truck offers versatility hitherto unthinkable.

Advantages of the autonomous car

  • Ideal for services catering or banqueting outdoors . The autonomous car can hold events abroad taking advantage of the efficiency and performance of a professional oven.
  • The car has a range for cooking in steam mode up to 3.5 hours without dependence on an outlet water (90 ° C in steam mode on a MyChef 6GN 1/1).
  • Thanks to the small size of the MyChef furnaces and the mobility of new autonomous car, you can now take professional oven where you need it and benefiting from it anywhere. Just you need to connect to the network to start cooking.

As you mentioned, the autonomous car lets you cook outdoors in celebrations, dinners and meetings on the beach, mountain or in a garden . Addressing all these services in evocative environments is now easier thanks to the compactness and mobility provided by the furnace MyChef.

Cooking in a furnace MyChef

  • The TSC technology .The patent, created by Distform, provides a control that ensures high temperature stability in the cooking chamber with a swing of only 0.2 ° C. Thus, it allows cooking at low temperatures with high accuracy temperature .
  • Compact design optimizes space. It allows stacking teams, winning versatility and use the pass during cooking chambers depending on the workload.
  • The MyChef oven has all the features you can imagine in minimum space. Crunchy textures with Dryout, juiciness in meat and fish with SmartClima, cooking with the probe, smoked with MySmoker, programming by cooking steps ...

With the autonomous car, you can benefit from the many options and benefits in a furnace MyChef outdoor environment, anywhere and with a range steaming over 3 hours.

You want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us at  or download the catalog on our page dedicated to  professional ovens .

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