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The low temperature cooking is increasingly popular in professional kitchens today because it allows standardize firings, minimize waste, and a more rational use of the resources of the kitchen and the oven, chiller, refrigerator, etc.In this type of cooking food is subjected to a temperature stable and homogeneous for extended periods, which may even be several days. Normally usually 100oC temperatures below where a small temperature variation of only 1 ° C, may cause different levels in the food doneness. 

Until recently, the only tool available to the chefs to graduate accurately firing temperature of the thermostat was immersion. However, this device is ill suited to the environment of professional kitchens. 

Distform technology has developed TSC (Thermal Stability Control), applied combination ovens, to meet the specific needs of professional kitchens. This innovation allows working with absolutely accurate temperatures, but, more efficient, more hygienic, without delay, without buckets of water and greater production capacity than an immersion thermostat more comfortable. 

Unlike the rest of combination ovens, the TSC technology , patented exclusively by Distform, it ensures high stability of the temperature inside the cooking chamber, comparable to that of an immersion thermostat. For example, in the graph on the left a combined cooking oven without TSC is observed. It is appreciated that in one measurement point, its temperature varies during the course of cooking (stability). It is also noted that in a moment of time, the probes spread over the cooking chamber measuring different temperatures (homogeneity). It is unfeasible to perform low temperature cooking with optimal and repeatable results with this type of oven. 

However, with the TSC system , right, it is noted that throughout the cooking chamber and throughout the cooking temperature has remained constant (with an accuracy of +/- 0.2oC), which allows firings at low temperature with perfect and repeatable results. 

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One of the pleasures of summer is to enjoy a lunch or dinneroutdoors . Working meetings, appointments or intimate friends 'parties move abroad. In this scenario, the restaurants should be able to adapt to new needs. Therefore, from Distform  we'll give ideas to continue to prepare the dishes offered you the furnace technology MyChef without sacrificing any location.

With the new autonomous car , you can convert the MyChef professional oven on a mobile device that does not depend on water outlets. Can generate steam during cooking thanks to its self -supply of water. The autonomous truck offers versatility hitherto unthinkable.

Advantages of the autonomous car

  • Ideal for services catering or banqueting outdoors . The autonomous car can hold events abroad taking advantage of the efficiency and performance of a professional oven.
  • The car has a range for cooking in steam mode up to 3.5 hours without dependence on an outlet water (90 ° C in steam mode on a MyChef 6GN 1/1).
  • Thanks to the small size of the MyChef furnaces and the mobility of new autonomous car, you can now take professional oven where you need it and benefiting from it anywhere. Just you need to connect to the network to start cooking.

As you mentioned, the autonomous car lets you cook outdoors in celebrations, dinners and meetings on the beach, mountain or in a garden . Addressing all these services in evocative environments is now easier thanks to the compactness and mobility provided by the furnace MyChef.

Cooking in a furnace MyChef

  • The TSC technology .The patent, created by Distform, provides a control that ensures high temperature stability in the cooking chamber with a swing of only 0.2 ° C. Thus, it allows cooking at low temperatures with high accuracy temperature .
  • Compact design optimizes space. It allows stacking teams, winning versatility and use the pass during cooking chambers depending on the workload.
  • The MyChef oven has all the features you can imagine in minimum space. Crunchy textures with Dryout, juiciness in meat and fish with SmartClima, cooking with the probe, smoked with MySmoker, programming by cooking steps ...

With the autonomous car, you can benefit from the many options and benefits in a furnace MyChef outdoor environment, anywhere and with a range steaming over 3 hours.

You want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us at  or download the catalog on our page dedicated to  professional ovens .

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Today we want to talk about the TekTherm Compact professional appliance as an alternative to laboratory devices commonly used for-low temperature cooking, such as the Roner thermostat or the immersion thermostat.

TekTherm Compact is a cooking chamber, developed collaboratively with the Roca brothers (Celler de Can Roca), which guarantees maximum precision at low temperatures thanks to a TSC patent, which ensures accuracy of ±0.2ºC. The exactness of the cooking temperature is especially important in low-temperature cooking in order to obtain moist, uniform results with little reductions. An egg is a clear example; every degree in temperature causes a change in texture.

This exactness in a cooking chamber, unique among ovens in the industry, is an essential advantage that the professional solution of TekTherm Compact introduces. But there's more, especially in the field of sous-vide cooking. We outline the details below:

With TekTherm Compact, you avoid inconveniences derived from using water

The immersion thermostat is a laboratory tool that moved to the kitchen because of its exactness, but it still presents some inconveniences for the chef. Since food is placed in the water, it should be vacuum sealed so that its organoleptic properties and qualities remain intact. If the food were to have direct contact with the water, it would lose part of its flavor, and the resulting texture would look like a boiled product. Some inconveniences of working with water and the immersion thermostat include constant dripping when the bags are taken out and transported, water evaporation from the basin during cooking, and the resulting humidity in the room. Another disadvantage is that the water in the basin is not the same temperature throughout; for example, the water is hotter nearer the immersion thermostat than it is on the sides of the basin. All these problems can be avoided with the TekTherm Compact appliance, since it produces cooking that is just as exact but without the sous-vide bag.

Maximum temperature stability in the cooking chamber

The TSC patent for the TekTherm appliances provides thermal stability in the chamber with accuracy of ±0.2ºC. No other oven in the industry has this exactness or uniformity for low-temperature cooking (up to 100ºC).

TekTherm Compact presenta la misma precisión que el termostato de inmersión aunque mayor homogeneidad y comodidad de cocción

From left to right, graphs of a combi oven (stability: 2ºC/Uniformity: 4ºC), immersion thermostat (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 3.5ºC) and TekTherm Compact with the TSC patent (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 0.6ºC).

TekTherm Compact offers more stability than conventional combi ovens and greater uniformity than immersion thermostats.

Savings of up to 76%

Using TekTherm Compact leads to savings of up to 76% in energy consumption compared to immersion thermostat in cooking over long periods of time because the TSC precision technology manages the energy needed each second to keep the cooking chamber stable. For this reason, cooking at night is more low-cost.

TekTherm Compact is a more efficient technology for long cooking times. The example below demonstrates this concept: Cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours has a daily energy consumption of 1.76 kW/h with TekTherm Compact compared to the 7.28 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.  Likewise, cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours a day has an annual energy consumption of 387.2 kW/h compared to the 1,601.6 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.

Forget the timers

TekTherm makes it possible to do without timers because the Multi Time Control allows you to control the time in each level of the cooking chamber. Forget the color-coded clamps...

Maximum uniformity

TekTherm Compact incorporates the Predictive Cooking patent, which allows the desired temperature to reach the center of the food and does not allow the temperature to continue rising from the product's thermal inertia. Food can, therefore, be left in the oven indefinitely without being overcooked. The TSC and Predictive Cooking patents provide completely uniform cooking of food, both on the inside and out.

More production

Greater production capacity with the resulting saved kitchen space. TekTherm Compact is a small appliance with 3 GN 2/3 capacity, which also ensures the utmost speed in changing temperatures.

Multiple uses

In the low-temperature kitchen, TekTherm Compact has multiple uses besides sous-vide cooking:

  • Sous-vide cooking: as precise as an immersion thermostat but more convenient (without the inconvenience of water) and uniform, less energy consumption, and optimization of kitchen space.
  • Low-temperature cooking: low temperature cooking with or without vacuum-sealed bags for uniform cooking results with 25% fewer reductions.
  • Dehydration:  work without steam and extract the humidity from the chamber.
  • Steamer: get the best results with seafood thanks to the latest steam technology and TSC precision.
  • Pasteurization: increase product shelf life up to 120%.
  • Fermentation: TSC precision allows this technique to be reproduced exactly in order to get controlled results.
  • Regeneration: this technique requires exact temperature precision to prevent the food from being overcooked. TSC precision and its humidity control allows precooked food to maintain its juiciness and freshness.
  • Preservation: it is very important to precisely control the temperature and humidity to avoid drying out and alterting the properties of the food.


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Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine

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Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine™ Takes Induction Cooking to the Next Level

Hatco® Corporation is proudly introducing its sleek, modern, low-profile Rapide Cuisine™ Induction Range. Designed and built for the durability and performance of commercial foodservice use, the Rapide Cuisine is constructed of black ceramic glass to handle the rigors of back-of-the-house cooking and prep areas, but is portable and adaptable for buffet lines and front-of-the-house applications. Using a Magnetic Power System (MPS) that delivers the highest power in its class, the IRNG also includes helpful safety and convenience features, such as an energy-saving automatic shut-off, which prevents overheating, and a compatible pan detection. Easy-to-use power, temperature and programmable preset modes, a timer and a high resolution TFT display that advises of precise power and time monitoring make the Rapide Cuisine unlike any other induction unit out there. For additional information on the Hatco Rapide Cuisine™ Induction Range and other equipment, contact your Hatco sales representative or visit the Hatco website at ### Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of over 65 years of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of holding, warming and, since 2009, cooling equipment. Today, Hatco now has the versatile and innovative Drop-In Hot/Cold Wells and Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves, incorporating the legendary Hatco quality of warming and cooling into one unit

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Selecting A Food Dehydrator

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The use of dehydration as a food preserving method has actually been around for thousands of years. Before refrigeration, there were really only two options for keeping food: dehydration and canning.

With the advent of food dehydrators, the process became much simpler than for our ancestors who would hang meat, vegetables or berries over wood frames in the sun and wind.

Although food dehydrators have been around for decades, the models on the market today are far superior in features and functionality than those available in the past.

When looking into food dehydrators for your own home, be sure to investigate all your options.

If you are in the market for a food dehydrator, there are two main types of food dehydrators, vertical airflow and horizontal airflow:

  • Those who use horizontal airflow units comment that you get even heat between the trays. In addition, you don’t get as much flavour mixing between the trays when dehydrating different types of foods at the same time.
  • Vertical airflow units usually have a fan on the bottom, which provides good heat distribution because heat rises. However, you can get drippings on the fan making it more difficult to clean.

When you’re researching different models available, consider the size you will require. Think about how much you will be drying at a time. Some dehydrators are very large and give you the ability to dry many different items at once. Others are meant for limited home use and allow you to only dry a few different items at once. Remember that you will need to store this unit, so size is important.

Heat control is another important element to consider when selecting a food dehydrator. You want a machine that offers an adjustable thermostat as well as a long length timer.

One of the most popular and highest quality food dehydrators available on the market is the Excalibur Food Dehydrator. Offering horizontal air flow and up to 25% more drying space than standard dehydrators, this unit also features faster drying and best overall versatility.

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You might be mistaken for thinking that you can only produce pizza from a stone hearth oven, oh how wrong that could be. Unlike some type specific ovens, the ProLuxe oven offers so much versatility to your menu creation. Anyone who has used a stone hearth oven knows that it can be a multi-skilled cooking appliance.

It can replace your Salamander, cook top, grill, griddle, oven, pizza oven, bread oven, smoker and plate warmer..

All kinds of breads, such as rolls, focaccia and breadsticks can be achieved with an adjustment to the temperature. Baked Oyster with Rocket Pesto; Calamari & Herb Salad; Whole Roasted Portobello Mushrooms & Persian Fetta, or Tomato, Olive & Sage Tart.

You can make seafood dishes such as Moules Marinière, Grilled Prawn Bruschetta and Rocket Pesto, Prawns with Citrus Infusion and even Oven Roasted Bouillabaisse for something really different.

ProLuxe ovens offer the only purpose built in oven char-grill-with 2 (25mj) gas burners underneath- located in the oven cavity giving double the cooking power to grill food in minutes. choice cuts of meat such as New York Sirloin, Lamb Fillets or Pork Cutlets are lusciously grilled to perfection.

The oven is also capable of producing a traditional Cassoulet simmered in a ceramic pot, a roasted Duck taking on a mouthwatering golden hue or a sautéing pan with Pumpkin and Sage Gnocchi to name but a few examples.

Many popular pasta dishes such as Lasagne can be baked in the oven while other favourites such as ravioli, cannelloni, and tortellini can be portioned into individual servings, placed into ceramic oven proof dishes and finished in oven.

By keeping some black iron pans in the oven you can reheat blanched vegetables & wilt spinach in a little oil or butter as fresh side dish. Alternatively you can roast or sauté any variety of vegetables.

Fruit pies, Apple and Raspberry Crumble, Poached Pear in red wine, dessert pizzas, baked fruit gratins and bread pudding are all winners served hot from the Stone Hearth oven.

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XL-300 Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven

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Single magnetron for rapid cooking

The XL-300 Xcelerate® Hi-Speed Oven combines microwave and forced air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven. This compact unit is perfect for preparing smaller offerings like panini and pastries to accompany freshly brewed coffee in coffee shops and other limited service applications. *Available in North and South America only.

  • Fresh food in a flash – From heating up frozen muffins and scones, to finishing more robust menu items, the full- and limited-service applications are endless.
  • Easy to use – The only true touchscreen, picture-based control is fully programmable and can store up to 100 programs for simple menu selection and consistent food quality. Front accessible USB port provides easy control updating and menu recipe program management.
  • Cost effective – The built-in catalytic converter removes smoke, odor and grease laden vapor - eliminating the need for an expensive exhaust hood.
  • Perfect for small portions –  Pies, croissants, baguettes and more, cook up quickly with a crispy golden finish. Pre-made frozen or chilled foods can be baked without defrosting, saving you time, equipment and cost.
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The Frucosol Interview

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The Frucosol Interview – We Speak with Victor Martinez about the Frucosol Glass Froster

Today we spoke with Victor Martinez, who is the export manager for the Frucosol Company that is based in the city of Calahorra in Spain. Frucosol has long been known – especially in the European market – for their commercial citrus juicers. We asked Victor about their GF-1000 Glass Froster, which is designed to use liquid CO2 to freeze and frost glasses on an as-needed basis. We’ve been selling the froster since it was introduced to the US market in 2013, and we wanted to find out more.
Here’s what Victor had to say:

Tell me a little about the history of Frucosol and the changes you have seen since you have been there?

Frucosol started to manufacture two models of orange juicers in 1991; little by little, and step by step, they got a name in the Spanish National Market, and in 1998 started to sell its products abroad (France, Italy and Portugal). With the passage of time, Frucosol began adding more models of juicers, and we started to manufacture our first model of cutlery polisher. How and why? Just listening our customers and the needs they had.

I started to work by Frucosol in 2003, and my first tasks were increasing the National Sales, although one year later, I started to work in the International Department. The main changes I have seen are the increasing of new products (glass polisher, decarbonisers, and glass froster) and the huge increase of our sales in more than 75 countries all over the world. This is possible because of the high quality of our products, and the excellent service we provide with deliveries.

When Frucosol developed the glass froster, were there other frosters like it in Europe, 

Or is it a new idea?

We started to manufacture the glass froster in November-December 2012 and we took the idea from one machine one of our customers had talked about it. The problem that machine had was that it was very big, very expensive and the potential customers were not so much, so we took the idea, modified the principle and started to develop a more economic and simple machine. The key point is the liquid CO2 gas that is used in this type of machine.

Frusosol introduced the glass froster a couple of years ago. Who are your customers, and how do they use the glass froster?

Frucosol sells its products to distributors and dealers of more than 75 countries all over the world, and our dealers are selling the glass frosters to bars, restaurants, hotels, caterings, wine shops, breweries, wine cellars, discos, pubs…even particular people who use it at home. We can say it is our most sold product in the last 2 years.

What should a potential customer know before buying the glass froster?

First of all they have to get informed if a local gas supplier can supply them the gas the machine needs to work, that is, a CO2 liquid gas cylinder with dip tube. Without it, the machine is not useful at all because it doesn’t work. Once we are sure we can get the gas, we don’t need to worry about anything else. The Glass froster GF1000 is able to freeze any type of glass: wine, champagne, beer Pilsner glasses, cocktails. This machine will help you to taste much better all your drinks.

What is the feedback on it from customers – what do they like and not like about it?

To be honest, we cannot be more satisfied with the feedback of this machine. It is a machine that doesn’t cause any problem (no motor, no electricity), very simple to use so our customers are not worried about possible breakdowns. They like the more how the glasses are after using the machine, and how they have increased their sales attracting more people to their business. What they don’t like about it? That usually they have to buy more than one unit when they have long counter bars…

Can you tell us about any new products that are coming out soon?

Our I+D Department is always working in new products. Take into account that Frucosol started to manufacture only 2 models of juicers, and now you can see our great range of different machines, so we are always thinking of new machines. At this moment, my partners are working on a new model of glass froster, and we are testing a new cooking machine, a machine we are already selling in Spain to test it. When we launch a new product, we prefer to sell it locally for some months in order to check possible failures, as it is easier for us to modify a machine that is near our factory.
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NUEVO FRUCOSOL GF-1000 …Enfría tus copas al instante!

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We present our cooler revolutionary DRINKWARE "Frucosol Gf-1000 " gf1000_aq (5).

This novel device cools and sterilizes any cups and glasses in just a few seconds.

Improves taste of beverages by avoiding quue the ice melt in the drink. This machine is ideal for cooling the tops of champagnes and white wines, because the cold glass keeps the carbon of these drinks.

This appliance is recommended for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Lounge or Cocktail Bar. If you have one in your establishment will make your customers perceive quality in service that will differentiate itself from its competitors.

For more information please contact  or 941 147 653. Or see the video at:

gf1000_aq (11)

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Spring healthy with Frucosol for your customers

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The orange juice is without doubt one of the most traditional and classic, highlighting its contribution in vitamin C. But best of all is that this fruit allows infinite combinations to enjoy even more tasty juices:

  •  Orange Watermelon :

Ingredients :  Juice 2 or 3 oranges / a large piece of watermelon / brown sugar / mint and lemon drops (optional) .

Preparation 2-3 oranges are squeezed and mixed with the piece of watermelon in a blender or blender.Peppermint and lemon is added to taste. In our case we have not removed the seeds to watermelon and increase the fiber content of the juice. Then we can colarlo if we prefer the softer juice.

Advice : I would advise to take right after training, especially now in summer where we lose a lot of water and minerals. It can also serve as dessert as a slush if we put 3-4 hours before in the freezer. The taste is very nice and it is a very important refreshing juice that fills us with vitamins, especially vitamin C and carotenoids, now in summer to prevent oxidation and help regenerate tissue.

  • orange pineapple strawberry

Ingredients 1 orange / 150 grams of fresh pineapple peeled / 2 strawberries

Preparation 2 oranges are squeezed and mixed in a blender or blender with strawberries and pineapple. No need to strain.

. advice : Superrefrescante, it is ideal to take advantage of the properties of pineapple. You can take it on anempty stomach because it helps the pineapple has diuretic effect and helps eliminate accumulated liquids.

  • orange banana

Ingredients 4-5 oranges / 2 bananas / sugar to taste.

Preparation It is as simple as making a juice with oranges and then pass it through the blender with bananas and sugar.

advice : Sometimes crave in the morning, in the afternoon snack or a light dinner companion, we provide many nutrients and are as varied as rich.

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