Water Grill Direct 3

Water Grill Direct 3

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Water Grill Direct 3
Water Grill Direct 3

Particularly energy-efficient
Hardly any heat loss due to the direct contact between food and radiator. This will save you up to 40% of your energy costs.

Perfect grill pattern
Your food is directly on the radiator. The intense contact heat ensures a perfect grill pattern on your meat.

What are water grills? 
Water grills have large water tubs just below the radiators. Dripping fat collects in the tubs without burning. This facilitates the daily cleaning considerably. At the same time the water under the heating elements ensures a certain humidity in the grill area. So the food is cooking gentler and stays juicy.

• Unique direct radiators: The stainless steel sheath allows grilling on the radiators 
• Particularly efficient, up to 40% energy savings possible: hardly any heat loss due to direct contact of radiators and food 
• Perfect grill pattern on your meat due to the intense contact heat on the radiators 
• large water pans catch dripping grease for easy cleaning 
• the moisture of the water ensures juicy grilling results 
• housing stainless steel 
• separately controllable heating 
zones • grilling surface 840 x 475 mm .

tension 400V
power frequency 50Hz
Electric power 11.34 kW
width x depth x height 985 x 630 x 230 mm
working surface 840 x 475 mm
Net Weight 42

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