Zerica Refresh U80 Undersink Water Chiller

Zerica Refresh U80 Undersink Water Chiller

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Zerica Refresh U80 Undersink Water Chiller

Under-sink water chiller for domestic use.

✓ Produces: Large capacity 19 litres per hour .

✓ Thermostat control - choose your temperature between 5 and 13 degrees Celsius

✓ Premium quality

✓ Excellent value and quality long-lasting product

✓ Easy installation thanks to the Osmio installation kit

The Zerica Refresh U80 Under sink Water Chiller is the perfect device for creating chilled water straight from your tap.  The system is made in Italy by Zerica who have a long stranding history of producing some of the best water chiller products on the market today. Infact you may notice they even supply well-known brand InSinkErator with their under-sink water chiller (otherwise known as the Zerica U40 - or the U80's little brother!).

The Zerica U80 is equipped with a unique and innovative system patented by Zerica - chilled water production to "ice flow" hot hermetic welds in steel with silver (antibacterial) where they form veritable ice rings up to 4cm thick that allow you to deliver very cold water (unlike normal coolers).

The system is comes complete ready for installation with 5/16" push fit connections for the inlet and outlet - this makes this unit a perfect choice to fit alongside your Brita 3 Way Tap System(which also uses 5/16" tubing). Alternative push fit connections (for either 1/4" or 3/8" can be made available on request).  

Made from durable stainless steel and sheet metal, the Zerica U80 is a high quality product and highly durable.

CE certified and supplied with a power cord with UK plug (mm.2000 with IEC plug angled - 13 Amp).

Made in Italy.

Fits neatly in the under sink kitchen cupbaord 

High performing and compact, the Zerica U80 system fits neatly under the kitchen sink and takes only very little space. The system can be connected with or without a filtration system. 

Undersink chiller for domestic use; Nr. 1,00 356,00 356,00

• Dimensions of only cm. 34,5 x 19,5 x 38 (H x W x D);

• Absolutely silent because there’s no ventilation;

• Ideal to be installed in modern kitchens for families up to 8 people;

• SILVER TURBO CLEAN technology for maximum hygiene;

• Thermostat for regulating the temperature of the cold water;

• Cooling compressor of 1/16Hp;

• Water connections with mm.8 fast fittings;

• Made In Italy.

When you purchase a water cooler you will also need to buy an Installation Kit, which provides everything you need to install your water cooler, including a basic filter.

The full installation instructions are supplied with your water dispenser.

Manufacturer Zerica
Model U80 Under Counter Water Cooler
Configuration Under Counter Water Cooler
Temperature Range 5ºc -13ºc
Dimensions H34.5 x W19.5 x D39
Power Consumption 144Watts   240 Volts
Water Cooler Installation Kit ACF1K13A
Warranty 2 years
Filters Water Cooler Filter Range
Throughput (litres per hour) Approx 19 Litres
Sanitising Kit SK1
Net Weight (Kg) 12

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